Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up-Do Trial!

Hair is very important on an every day basis, but of course it's even more important on your wedding day. I was so fortunate to have my old hair dresser come out of retirement (not really, she just took a couple years off to be home with her baby) right before our wedding. She was extremely generous and gave me and my bridesmaids a great deal. Not to mention she gave me TWO trial runs! I was able to get photos of the last one.
The front is parted with a "side sweep" and lots of teasting at the crown. I did bring in a picture, but told her to put her own twist on it. I told her I wasn't as concerned with the back as I was the front, and that I wanted to have lots of height on the top! Leia Roten is my stylist and she really worked wonders with my thin, shoulder length hair!

Trust your gut

My dear B is not into clothes, fashion, or photos. So when I tried to get his input on what type of tuxedo he'd like to wear, his response was minimal. I had saved a picture of a group of groomsmen in all black tuxes, with the groom sporting a white tie and vest. I showed him, he approved and I was happy. Over the next few months, I described this vision to other family members and friends and was meant with mixed, if not disapproving responses. All black? They scoffed. Wont it be too hot? Wont that look to dismal? I began to second guess. photo: Perez Photography

So when I was finally able to wrangle B into the tux shop to look at options, I was very unsure of what we were looking for. The manager at Men's Wearhouse was nice, informative and knoledgeable, but with the myriad of choices and combos, he was not forthcoming with a specific opinion.

He kindly put together my all black look, and placed it next to the white "groom" maniquen. I was really bummed that there was nothing for B to try on. How could we decide? After several maniquen costume changes, we went right back to "our" original idea. Why is it that we don't trust out gut?

Our best visual example. B and I agreed, the all black really fit with the personalities of his groomsmen. It was so nice to check this off the list!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Best.Cup.Ever. Courtesy of my brothers amazing girlfriend.

Our joint bachelor-bachelorette party in Vegas was amazingness. We ended up staying at the Flamingo after figuring it was the best deal on the Central strip. It ended up being a great location with an above average pool and decent rooms!

While I only remember snippets of the entire weekend (it was that fun), I loved our shirts. Here is the best picture I have of all of them together.

With my bitches in Vegas. Does it get any better?

Bridal Shower #2: Recap

Since I had a shower in Northern California, my mom and grandma wanted to throw a family shower in my hometown in Southern California. Rather than have another girly brunch, we opted for a couples barbeque to involve B, my brother, uncles and other significant others. It was a casual evening, but lots of fun and great to celebrate our upcoming wedding with my close family and friends.

My generous aunt offered to make the centerpieces for our shower. She purchased purple and pink blooms from Trader Joes and worked her magic. They were beautiful. Simple white chairs and purple linens completed the look.My grandma spoiled us with a beautiful cake from our favorite Socal bakery, The Bread Basket. If you are anywhere near Camarillo-it is amazing!

I'm so glad we ended up with two showers to accomodate all of our friends and family. So much fun.