About Bremy

Our first child, Bremy was born on August 13, 2011, four months before she was due. Ten days earlier I had been at an ultrasound and was told my cervix was dilated and I would need to be on bedrest. I was told I had zero chance of carrying my daughter to term. I was put on hospital bedrest where I hoped and prayed that I'd carry my daughter far enough for her to survive. My heart was broken when I was told I was in labor in the early morning hours of August 13th. My daughter did not survive and some days, my husband and I question how we have managed to survive ourselves. The trauma of that experience, the sadness of her loss and the giant hole that now lives in our hearts has changed our entire world.

We held our daughter and shared her with friends and family who gathered to support us that morning and we will never forget how beautiful she was. I struggle to figure out who I am without Bremy in our lives and this blog is helping me sort out my thoughts.

I've since been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, a seemingly inexplicable condition that will effect subsequent pregnancies.

Bremy will never be forgotten and we are slowly learning all of the lessons that her existence and passing has taught us.

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  1. How beautiful, I am touched by your words and saddened by the loss. What a cute name, Bremy, adorable. Indeed, as King David said when he lost a child -The child will not come to me again, but I will go to the child- It is true -you will see her in heaven. I can relate, as, I was never even able to get pregnant and it saddened my life -but I realized there are other options - now I will marry someone with kids or I will adopt. God does not cause bad things to happen to us but He does comfort and guide us through them. Do not ever give up hope, as you said, your life is forever changed because of her - she has enriched your life here and will brighten your soul when you are reunited in the life to come. Blessing, Marjorie