Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2 years old!

Two years old feels like such a huge milestone for all of us. Two years brought a fun trip to Hawaii for mommy and daddy. That trip brought our first nights away from each other and subsequently the end of nursing. This has been the sweetest and most fulfilling two years of my life.  You seem to also make the most of your toddler life. I love that none of us seem to be in a hurry for you to grow up. You embrace each day with so much enthusiasm and still welcome all the comforts mommy and daddy can provide.

Grandma came up to stay with you. She spent the first half of the week with us, then we left on Thursday for our trip and Grandpa drove up to stay for the weekend. You loved having them here SO much and so did I. You call them Bompa and Bapa and it's the cutest thing to see you all interact. When we got back from Hawaii we went out with Nana and Grandpa C for birthday ice cream and a choo choo ride. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot you knew we were near the train. It was "choo! choo!" all night long. 

Pretty stoked to get your very own birthday ice cream! Yum!
You've been so pleasant for bed time this past month. I snapped this pic, realizing that it was the last night I would put you down as a 1 year old. My big girl. 

You share a bday with your bff's mama, N so we met them both for a starbucks treat the morning of your birthday. 
Uncle T came to take us to lunch and bring your birthday presents. You loved seeing him!
That night I made your favorite (spaghetti) and we had Nana and Grampa over. 
They got you an art easel and other art supplies and you were in heaven painting. Perfect present for you!

We had so much fun celebrating your big 2nd birthday!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The End of an Era

One of Daddy's accounts sent us to Hawaii right before your 2nd bday. Grandma came and stayed with you and the plan was to have weaned you before we left. Welp. That didn't ever happen. Not even close. If we're being honest, you probably nursed more in the week leading up to our trip than you had since you were an infant. It's like you knew they were going away. I didn't say a word about it. At this point you understand everything and I just didn't think getting you upset and then leaving would help at all.

So it was cold turkey.

I knew you would be fine with grandma and grandpa, it was coming home that I was worried about.

We got home very late on Sunday and when you woke up Monday, I opened your door and immediately took you into the kitchen so as to avoid the glider. You were distracted for a good 30 minutes and then it hit you.....ninnies (what you call them). I told you ninnies were all gone, that ninnies had to go byebye.

With tears in your eyes, you looked up at me and said "ninnies byebye?" I said yes and you buried your head in my chest and cried. With tears. "byebye ninnies" you said, over and over. And over.

But then you got over it and ate your breakfast.

The hardest time was post-nap. You had a fit and tried your best to convince me. I'm really glad grandma was still here because otherwise I definitely would have given in.

I wasn't 100% ready to be done but I also knew I had to take advantage of the trip and the time apart. Each day has gotten easier, but now three weeks later, you still occasionally ask. You still say "byebye ninnies" whenever I tell you they are all gone. Last week I was getting ready to get into the shower. So you saw them. Your eyes lit up "ninnies!!" like...hey mom, I found them! But I just keep saying the same thing and you said byebye once again.

We made it almost two years, kid. Wow what a ride. I have to say it's pretty nice and quite the time saver to not be nursing now, but I miss our morning and night time snuggle sessions immensely. It was a great time out for both of us. I think you miss that time too and I've been trying to make sure we get some good loving in each day.

 Now that I'm not nursing I cannot imagine never nursing. What an amazing connection we have thanks to breast feeding. I know we would have had a connection, obviously, but nursing and now not nursing really makes it clear that it is a beautiful thing.

It was not always easy and there were times I didn't think I would even make it to six months let alone two years.  I doubt you will ever thank me for it, but I'm so proud to say we did it and that you are a healthy, thriving two year old thanks to our efforts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

22 and 23 Months!

To say we have been busy would be an understatement. I'm currently trying to work as much as I can both as a lawyer and now as a Realtor. You have a busy social calendar and such an active group of friends, sometimes it's hard to keep up! But we have such a great routine and you seem to love being so busy. You now spend about two full days a week at daycare. It's a long day for both of us, but seemingly necessary as I grow professionally. I work a lot on the weekends and in the evenings, too. I really enjoy having some day time available for all of our fun stuff. 

You still love to play at the playland. Tea parties and lots of pretending!
 Your first amusement part was 6 Flags. Locals still call it Marine World and fun fact: daddy's first job was at Marine world! You loved all of the animals and did pretty well on the kiddie rides. It was a long day but we had fun with Auntie A and her kids and your cousin, L who was in town visiting Nana from Michigan!
Getting splashed by the dolphins. You weren't too sure about that concept!

you are the ultimate love. Such a snuggler, you still love to be held, and hugged!
 You and Maverick are both expert tomato hunters. You work as a pair to get those yum yums in daddy's garden!
I spent Bremy's 3rd birthday with my mommy friends in Napa. It was very, very nice to be able to be away and distracted for the day. I had my fair share of tears the night before, but these girls were so sweet and I had a great day getting away from it all.
Having fun with your cousin, L. It's a shame she lives so far--you guys were so cute together!

Weight: 26lbs
Height:   ?
Diaper size-  Size 5
Clothing Size: 2t and 3t tops, squeezing 2t sleepers and mostly 2t pants

 Your speech improves by the day and we love, love hearing you talk. You're now using two and three word sentences.  While your cousin was visiting, the two of you watched Frozen and since that day you have been belting out "let it go" like it was your job. the enthusiasm and hand motions just add to the absolute hilarity. You stand on our brick fireplace and make sure your audience is paying full attention. You continue to love a stage.

You love to dance and still love to complete little tasks Daddy and I ask you to do, like putting your diaper in the trash or putting clothes in the hamper. You love to help empty the dishwasher and are now responsible for feeding Maverick twice a day. You cal him "deedee" and say "deedee, yum!" and point to his bowl. You are delighted when he comes running and chows down. 

You are recognizing more and more letters and animals. 

Eating-  with your improved speech comes more and more requests for specific foods. Any sweet treat is a "yum" you also love bananas (nanas), and still love your yogurt and smoothies. 

Still nursing quite often.

Sleep: waking up early! Around 615 even with going to bed around 845. Otherwise consistently napping and sleeping through the night. The daycare has you nap 230-430 so that's the schedule we are on at home as well. 

Favorite Toys: You still LOVE to pretend to be on the phone. You say "hi, ummmmm....yayaya" I must say that a lot because you have it down. 
You also love your baby dolls  and pretending to clean the house with me. You wipe down the counter where you eat and love to push the broom. 

Ellie, I couldn't love being with you more. You are such a joy and such a light. I miss the baby stage but I'm loving the level of independence you've developed and I love your spirited personality. You have had your fair share of quick tantrums, but for the most part you are great about going along to get along. You are so sweet with other kids and know how to turn on the charm with adults. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around you. Despite a lot of stressors in our life, you continue to make me happier than I have ever been.