Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2 years old!

Two years old feels like such a huge milestone for all of us. Two years brought a fun trip to Hawaii for mommy and daddy. That trip brought our first nights away from each other and subsequently the end of nursing. This has been the sweetest and most fulfilling two years of my life.  You seem to also make the most of your toddler life. I love that none of us seem to be in a hurry for you to grow up. You embrace each day with so much enthusiasm and still welcome all the comforts mommy and daddy can provide.

Grandma came up to stay with you. She spent the first half of the week with us, then we left on Thursday for our trip and Grandpa drove up to stay for the weekend. You loved having them here SO much and so did I. You call them Bompa and Bapa and it's the cutest thing to see you all interact. When we got back from Hawaii we went out with Nana and Grandpa C for birthday ice cream and a choo choo ride. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot you knew we were near the train. It was "choo! choo!" all night long. 

Pretty stoked to get your very own birthday ice cream! Yum!
You've been so pleasant for bed time this past month. I snapped this pic, realizing that it was the last night I would put you down as a 1 year old. My big girl. 

You share a bday with your bff's mama, N so we met them both for a starbucks treat the morning of your birthday. 
Uncle T came to take us to lunch and bring your birthday presents. You loved seeing him!
That night I made your favorite (spaghetti) and we had Nana and Grampa over. 
They got you an art easel and other art supplies and you were in heaven painting. Perfect present for you!

We had so much fun celebrating your big 2nd birthday!

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