Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Time 2014

We had a lot of fun visiting the various pumpkin patches nearby. We made it to three and you loved it just as much as I did!
First up was a large farm that had so many hands on things for pre-school age kids to do. We took a ha y ride to feed the ducks, played with bubbles, magnet builders, slides and a corn bath!

Your best boy buds! C, T and A
This wasn't a pumpkin patch, just our local park where we ride the train and carousel. You loved trying to pick up all the pumpkins!
We went to Davis and visited a fun patch with tons of baby animals to pet and hold. You loved the kittens the most!

 pumpkin lover!
The third was a local farm where we buy produce. It was a cute one and you and L loved the big corn bath!

Our play group did a Trunk or Treat at a park. It was off and on rain all morning, but that didn't stop us. It was a great practice run for everyone's costumes and it's where you officially became obsessed with DumDum suckers!

 Your Daycare provider made these beautiful frozen themed decorations for her own trunk or treat. We recycled and totally took credit for the beauty!

We've created a tradition of carving pumpkins at Nana's house. Grampa C is a master carver! You still weren't too into the pumpkin guts and jack o lanterns.

Our plan was to just visit our favorite neighbors for trick-or-treating, but our play group friends ended up coming to our hood. Since A and L are a little older than you, you were able to watch how they did it and caught on quick! You LOVED it!

If you would have known you had a choice in the matter, you would have been Elsa from Frozen. But since I'm still in charge, I picked Raggedy Ann. And I'm so glad I did because it was adorable!
You were so hard to get a picture of!
So much fun. Happy Halloween!

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