Wednesday, April 30, 2008

cake me as I am

"1200 dollars for a cake? My first car didn't cost me that much!"
"Welcome to the 90's Mr. Baaaanks!"
My secret hope is that someone we know is a baker who can make me my dream wedding cake from a duncan hines rainbow chip cake mix....with rainbow chip frosting. ooooo it's been my favorite since my 7th birthday! I imagine it would be pretty cheap since cake mixes run about 80cents each and frosting is usually around $2. I am only slightly kidding about this idea....

Every article I read about budgets says that if you are working with a tight one, you have to make compromises (of course!). I'm willing! I swear! I just don't want to compromise on the location, food, booze, entertainment or pictures, k? So that leaves a few things that I suppose I am going to have to skimp on. My first thought: cake! I don't care that much about it. I want it to tase good and look like it tastes good (read: no fondant). That's it! I don't care about tiers (sheet cakes it the back are just fine), butterflies, edible flowers, pearls, flavors-nope! Just make it look mouth watering!

one of my original favorites. love the flowers and the polka dots--but it's a little too fancy

This one has been a favorite from the beginning.
I love the ribbed texture. It gives it a little something without being ornate. The light floral touches make it soft and romantic. Very rustic chic.

photo: The knot

This one is a recent find! Doesn't it just look so good! It's definitely simple, andI would probably decide to dress it up with a lil somethin' somethin' just to give it a pop of color, but overall the texture of all those shavings makes it look delectible! Just what I'm looking for! Found via Rebecca Thuss, photo by Gentl & Hyers

I'm LOVING the texture of this cake! Doesn't it have a nice homemade look to it? Again, I probably would add something to it and maybe ditch the ribbon, but I do love it! Photo: the knot.

So-hopefully once I get around to tasting cakes, I wont be anywhere near $1200. I'm prepared for the cake to be on the smaller side. I'd love to really add more to the presentation so it doesn't look like a sad little cake just sitting on a big old table. How adorable is this cake display? The fabric, the topper and the smaller table allow this cake to have so much drama without being 10feet tall. I love this idea and think it would work just as well inside.

Found via Rebecca Thuss

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sight to See

It's no secret that one of my biggest priorities on my wedding day is the photos. I have been addicted to wedding photo blogs for years, long before I ever even dreamed of planning a wedding. There is something about those still shots that can turn even an ordinary moment into something breathtaking.

you can't beat the look on this groom's face as he sees his bride for the first time (photo: Becker's Blog)

Over these last two years it has become apparent that most photographers greatly appreciate couples who opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. It allows for more time for photos and can also make use of great lighting. I have always been prepared to see DF before we exchange vows, but I'm not so sure what he will think about that idea since he seems to be Mr. Traditional all of a sudden!

A friend of ours who recently got married told me that the best decision she made was to not see her groom before she walked down the aisle. She admitted that the moment their eyes met as she stood at the opposite end of the asile was one of the best moments of the entire evening. Her reflection got me to thinking: do I want that moment?

I love this one! Photo: Jessica Claire

Is this series not unbelievable? Photo: Jessica Claire

These days photographers are very aware of that "moment" --many of them make sure to capture that moment in time, even if it takes place well before the whole aisle situation. I think if we did it right, it would still be an amazing moment. I would love to have both the photog and the second shooter ready to capture both our expressions as we see each other for the very first time!

A pre-ceremony reveal caught on camera by Jasmine Star

Any thoughts on breaking with tradition for the sake of photography?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Locks Look

messy chignon look from
Let's face it, the hair is important. It has to fit the day, the dress, you-it will be in every picture and most importantly it will be sitting on your head all night! I was recently informed by my fabulous hair stylist that she doesn't do wedding hair. Of course I was a little disapointed, but I then started to think of what I would even want done to my hair, and what my BMs would want as well. I have a talented cousin who recently started in the hair industry. She graduated from cosmotology school just a few years ago, but I know if I gave her a heads up and plenty of time to practice she could pull it off. If not everyone's hair, at least three of us. And since she's my cous-I wouldn't have to fork over the ridiculous amount that a stylist would charge to drive to our location and then style multiple heads.

I remember being inspired by Julianne Hough's hair when I watched this episode of DWTS. This fancy Spanish-inspired side-do would require lots and lots of expensive extensions!photos

At first I thought: DF likes my hair down, therefore I will wear my hair down. But after running this by a few folks, including my hairstylist-we were all in agreement that my fine hair would be a wispy mess by hour three and that I would be dissappointed.
So I started to focus on hair for a bit during my internet browsing and came upon a few images of a look that I REALLY want! I don't know the proper hair terminology but anything labeled "updated french twist", "messy chignon" or "lose bun with volume" seems to fit. Whatever the name, it has the height I want, the loose-ness I crave and the perfect amount of elegance. Luckily I have found some great photos that illustrate what I'm envisioning.

This picture was the very first picture of hair that I ever saved. I love how it's an up-do, but has a casual twist to it.
Updated Twist from The Knot
This is my most recent find and I am in LOVE! I love the playfulness of the front, the height and the volume. I would probably ask for it to be a little more structured since I do not want it to fall out halfway through dinner! Bring on the hairspray and bobby pins!
Up-Do from
So how hard could this be? Ha! I know a lot of times the "messy", "loose" looks are the most difficult because there is such a fine line between casual chic and catastrophic mess! I realize if I pick a totally different dress from what I currently have in mind, the plan for the locks may have to be reevaluated. But for now, this last image + a nice big, white flower (gardenia is Grandma's favorite) is exactly what I'm thinkin!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So I was tagged earlier this week! Took me a while to get on it.
I was tagged by my lovely wedding twin, Kate as well as my fellow fall of 2009 bride-to-be a bride in the making!

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The Unimportant Facts:

1. I'm left-handed!

2. My future hubby was the 4th person I met on
3. I can handle spiders anyday--but do not put me in the same room as a cricket! eek!

4. I have never smoked anything in my entire life. Not one puff.

5. I have driven the same used car (my trusty accord) since the day I got my license 8 years ago.

6. I've known my MOH for less time than anyone else in my bridal party.
It seems like everyone else has already been tagged! I'll edit later if I come across someone who needs to spill the 6 random facts!


Ok-so that was my attempt to merge the words monotonous and monogram...
Monograms go way back. Monograms incorporated in weddings have been extremely popular in the last five years, and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere. They are a simple way of personifying elements of your day, and let's face it, an effective logo that can make everyday objects (read: napkins) look professional.

Beautiful Script
So now that it's time for me to start thinking about what will make our wedding more "us" I naturally started to wonder if I'd want a monogram. At first, I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea of having a big A and B with an even bigger K (my new last name) in the middle. But as I started to see the creative uses of initials, my skeptisim yielded.

the traditional three-initial monogram
Once I started looking into the world of three (or two) lettered-goodness, I was amused to learn that there is actual monogram etiquitte. Did you know some consider it a faux-pas to use your monogram on anything before you are actually married (aka invites, shower decor, aisle runner). Who knew? I tend to be a rule-breaker, so that wont stop me if I so choose to use a monogram. But it did get me thinking about what our monogram would be?

two initialed program from the knot

Our three initials are A, B and K. K is not DF's original last name. When his parents divorced, he, his mom and sister changed their last names to K. It wasn't FMIL's maiden name, but rather a family name from back in the day. It's a strange story, but one that has come to make sense to me as I've gotten to know the family. I LOVE my future last name and can't wait to change mine to it---but there are some hard feelings on FFIL's side of the family. So I'd rather not rub giant "K's" into their faces all day long.

So if we were to do a monogram-it would definitely just be A&B--which I love simply for the fact that it is in alphabetical order. I think it's pretty cute! And now that I've looked at a few, I'm definitely favoring the two lettered monograms. This one is SO adorable. I'd really like to tie in an emblem

Yet, one of my absolute favorites is wedding twin's! Check out her amazing monogram. She turned their two first initials so that both K's together would look like their last initial, M. I'm loving the personalization of the personalization!

Isn't it amazing? Now that I've looked at a nice range, I'm leaning toward both letters being lower cased, with an ampersand. I wold love to include some sort of emblem (once I decide what that is exactly) such as as flower, leaf, foilage or even scrollwork like Kate's .

Monday, April 14, 2008

dress dread

Amsale Vienna
Amsale Lace

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2007
Yes-I'm dreading shopping for my dress. First, I don't want to be limited by my weight. I want to get a size or two down before I even begin to shop for dresses. Secondly, I don't want to spend a lot on a dress-like I could care less about brand but am very concerned with fit. Lastly, I really have no idea what is going to look good on me, skinny or not-so-skinny. Nevertheless, I've clicked and saved a few dresses that truly remind me of "me". They are all rather similar and all...well...lacy! Who would have thunk?
This is one of the first pictures I ever saved. Unfortunately I have no idea where it's from. But I love the bolero idea. The second one is more "poofy" than I'd probably want, but the top is just so flattering. edit: Thanks to Aletha of Pearls Events akaKnottie MrsPinkAJV for the great info : her Mori Lee gown via Netbride was only $230! Can you say WOW?!

Elegant Two Piece Gown From Knottie Mrs Pink AJV

Check out this budget-friendly Find:

Julius Bridal Stephenie $499 + $55 s/h

Now that I look at them all together, I realize they are really similar. I think the lace gives such a romantic feel. While I do plan on slimming down between now and OCt 2009-I don't know if I'll be comfortable in the typical strapless number.I am busty-so I do love a v-neck.

So now it's just time to fit in to those samples!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Frugal Florals

I've always been a flower person. But to be honest, flowers are not going to be a priority for me. I would like my bouquet to be picture-worthy, but as for ceremony decor and centerpieces-I'm looking for a bargain. I feel like my dollar can go so much further somewhere else. The other thing is that I really have no idea how much flowers cost? I've been referred to a few florist/floral designers but feel it's a little soon to be getting quotes etc. I have been picking up some great budget tips while perusing theknot, the blogs and other great sites! Since I haven't nailed down my colors, I'm looking at flowers with an open mind. The one thing I know: I want looottts of candles!

A baby's breath bouquet? Check it out at Real Simple

Another creative use of baby's breath

I've always balked at carnations (they're filler flowers!) but Real Simple has some great tips.

This is the look that I initially thought would work best for me. I want candles, candles, candles! And then some smaller vased flowers. I like this look-but probably won't do the bright colors.

Photo: The Knot

This one caught my eye for several reasons. Number 1: yes those are carnations and I love that they have done several containers of one type of flower each. I also love the little bully they have as their table markers. We plan on incorporating our own bulldog in our wedding. We're hoping we can have him there in some capacity, but as that is highly unlikely-we'll probably do something similar to this:

The Knot

Here's a shot of our lil guy, Maverick.

He is very expresssive and loves the camera, so getting shots of him for table numbers wont be difficult!