Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sight to See

It's no secret that one of my biggest priorities on my wedding day is the photos. I have been addicted to wedding photo blogs for years, long before I ever even dreamed of planning a wedding. There is something about those still shots that can turn even an ordinary moment into something breathtaking.

you can't beat the look on this groom's face as he sees his bride for the first time (photo: Becker's Blog)

Over these last two years it has become apparent that most photographers greatly appreciate couples who opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. It allows for more time for photos and can also make use of great lighting. I have always been prepared to see DF before we exchange vows, but I'm not so sure what he will think about that idea since he seems to be Mr. Traditional all of a sudden!

A friend of ours who recently got married told me that the best decision she made was to not see her groom before she walked down the aisle. She admitted that the moment their eyes met as she stood at the opposite end of the asile was one of the best moments of the entire evening. Her reflection got me to thinking: do I want that moment?

I love this one! Photo: Jessica Claire

Is this series not unbelievable? Photo: Jessica Claire

These days photographers are very aware of that "moment" --many of them make sure to capture that moment in time, even if it takes place well before the whole aisle situation. I think if we did it right, it would still be an amazing moment. I would love to have both the photog and the second shooter ready to capture both our expressions as we see each other for the very first time!

A pre-ceremony reveal caught on camera by Jasmine Star

Any thoughts on breaking with tradition for the sake of photography?


  1. I want to meet beforehand because I want that moment to be so special, a moment that is just between us.

  2. I think your get more photos because you allow your photographer more time to be creative if you see each other beforehand. Often people get a case of the nerves before the ceremony. The one person I wanted to be near when I was getting nervous was my husband to be-not stuffed in a room away from him! I wanted to be with him and have him calm me down. Even if you do photos beforehand, my most favorite images are often the ones right after the ceremony. Make sure to set 15 minutes aside for more after portraits. When the nerves have left and happiness has set in! Look at your parents wedding album, back when the old tradition of not seeing each other was how things went. Their photos are not anywhere near the creative level of what you see today. Something has to give.

  3. I'm most definitely meeting beforehand - because I am NOT missin' out on all those hors d'ouvres my guests will be chowing down on!!!

    Hehe - so it's pretty much food-related.

  4. I love all the pictures you posted on here! They are all so emotion filled and classic. I actually think you get more picutres if you meet before, plus you get quality time with your husband to be, and extra time with your guests!

  5. I LOVE these photos! To see their reaction is priceless!

  6. How cute are these grooms, what great moments captured!

  7. I just recently came across your blog and have decided to read from the beginning and I have a great groom reaction story...My friend Ashley got married 5 years ago and when she was coming down the aisle her husband David was bent over crying and I really thought we were gonna have church right there in the venue they got married in! It was a beautiful moment!! There wasn't a dry eye in the place!