Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ok-so that was my attempt to merge the words monotonous and monogram...
Monograms go way back. Monograms incorporated in weddings have been extremely popular in the last five years, and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere. They are a simple way of personifying elements of your day, and let's face it, an effective logo that can make everyday objects (read: napkins) look professional.

Beautiful Script
So now that it's time for me to start thinking about what will make our wedding more "us" I naturally started to wonder if I'd want a monogram. At first, I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea of having a big A and B with an even bigger K (my new last name) in the middle. But as I started to see the creative uses of initials, my skeptisim yielded.

the traditional three-initial monogram
Once I started looking into the world of three (or two) lettered-goodness, I was amused to learn that there is actual monogram etiquitte. Did you know some consider it a faux-pas to use your monogram on anything before you are actually married (aka invites, shower decor, aisle runner). Who knew? I tend to be a rule-breaker, so that wont stop me if I so choose to use a monogram. But it did get me thinking about what our monogram would be?

two initialed program from the knot

Our three initials are A, B and K. K is not DF's original last name. When his parents divorced, he, his mom and sister changed their last names to K. It wasn't FMIL's maiden name, but rather a family name from back in the day. It's a strange story, but one that has come to make sense to me as I've gotten to know the family. I LOVE my future last name and can't wait to change mine to it---but there are some hard feelings on FFIL's side of the family. So I'd rather not rub giant "K's" into their faces all day long.

So if we were to do a monogram-it would definitely just be A&B--which I love simply for the fact that it is in alphabetical order. I think it's pretty cute! And now that I've looked at a few, I'm definitely favoring the two lettered monograms. This one is SO adorable. I'd really like to tie in an emblem

Yet, one of my absolute favorites is wedding twin's! Check out her amazing monogram. She turned their two first initials so that both K's together would look like their last initial, M. I'm loving the personalization of the personalization!

Isn't it amazing? Now that I've looked at a nice range, I'm leaning toward both letters being lower cased, with an ampersand. I wold love to include some sort of emblem (once I decide what that is exactly) such as as flower, leaf, foilage or even scrollwork like Kate's .


  1. I'm so glad you like my monogram! It was actually envisioned during a teleconference work demo for our software. I like to doodle while I work - instead of whistling. Hehe.

    There's SO much you can do with A & B - I found it more difficult working with two of the same letter!

  2. I had never heard of monograms is a wedding context until I started reading wedding blogs, but I love them! I too love the g&b option - so cute :)

    (I came via

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