Sunday, April 20, 2008

Locks Look

messy chignon look from
Let's face it, the hair is important. It has to fit the day, the dress, you-it will be in every picture and most importantly it will be sitting on your head all night! I was recently informed by my fabulous hair stylist that she doesn't do wedding hair. Of course I was a little disapointed, but I then started to think of what I would even want done to my hair, and what my BMs would want as well. I have a talented cousin who recently started in the hair industry. She graduated from cosmotology school just a few years ago, but I know if I gave her a heads up and plenty of time to practice she could pull it off. If not everyone's hair, at least three of us. And since she's my cous-I wouldn't have to fork over the ridiculous amount that a stylist would charge to drive to our location and then style multiple heads.

I remember being inspired by Julianne Hough's hair when I watched this episode of DWTS. This fancy Spanish-inspired side-do would require lots and lots of expensive extensions!photos

At first I thought: DF likes my hair down, therefore I will wear my hair down. But after running this by a few folks, including my hairstylist-we were all in agreement that my fine hair would be a wispy mess by hour three and that I would be dissappointed.
So I started to focus on hair for a bit during my internet browsing and came upon a few images of a look that I REALLY want! I don't know the proper hair terminology but anything labeled "updated french twist", "messy chignon" or "lose bun with volume" seems to fit. Whatever the name, it has the height I want, the loose-ness I crave and the perfect amount of elegance. Luckily I have found some great photos that illustrate what I'm envisioning.

This picture was the very first picture of hair that I ever saved. I love how it's an up-do, but has a casual twist to it.
Updated Twist from The Knot
This is my most recent find and I am in LOVE! I love the playfulness of the front, the height and the volume. I would probably ask for it to be a little more structured since I do not want it to fall out halfway through dinner! Bring on the hairspray and bobby pins!
Up-Do from
So how hard could this be? Ha! I know a lot of times the "messy", "loose" looks are the most difficult because there is such a fine line between casual chic and catastrophic mess! I realize if I pick a totally different dress from what I currently have in mind, the plan for the locks may have to be reevaluated. But for now, this last image + a nice big, white flower (gardenia is Grandma's favorite) is exactly what I'm thinkin!

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