Wednesday, April 30, 2008

cake me as I am

"1200 dollars for a cake? My first car didn't cost me that much!"
"Welcome to the 90's Mr. Baaaanks!"
My secret hope is that someone we know is a baker who can make me my dream wedding cake from a duncan hines rainbow chip cake mix....with rainbow chip frosting. ooooo it's been my favorite since my 7th birthday! I imagine it would be pretty cheap since cake mixes run about 80cents each and frosting is usually around $2. I am only slightly kidding about this idea....

Every article I read about budgets says that if you are working with a tight one, you have to make compromises (of course!). I'm willing! I swear! I just don't want to compromise on the location, food, booze, entertainment or pictures, k? So that leaves a few things that I suppose I am going to have to skimp on. My first thought: cake! I don't care that much about it. I want it to tase good and look like it tastes good (read: no fondant). That's it! I don't care about tiers (sheet cakes it the back are just fine), butterflies, edible flowers, pearls, flavors-nope! Just make it look mouth watering!

one of my original favorites. love the flowers and the polka dots--but it's a little too fancy

This one has been a favorite from the beginning.
I love the ribbed texture. It gives it a little something without being ornate. The light floral touches make it soft and romantic. Very rustic chic.

photo: The knot

This one is a recent find! Doesn't it just look so good! It's definitely simple, andI would probably decide to dress it up with a lil somethin' somethin' just to give it a pop of color, but overall the texture of all those shavings makes it look delectible! Just what I'm looking for! Found via Rebecca Thuss, photo by Gentl & Hyers

I'm LOVING the texture of this cake! Doesn't it have a nice homemade look to it? Again, I probably would add something to it and maybe ditch the ribbon, but I do love it! Photo: the knot.

So-hopefully once I get around to tasting cakes, I wont be anywhere near $1200. I'm prepared for the cake to be on the smaller side. I'd love to really add more to the presentation so it doesn't look like a sad little cake just sitting on a big old table. How adorable is this cake display? The fabric, the topper and the smaller table allow this cake to have so much drama without being 10feet tall. I love this idea and think it would work just as well inside.

Found via Rebecca Thuss


  1. You can always go with cupcakes - this nixes that nasty cake cutting fee everyone's caterer always charges.

    Egh. $1.50 to cut a slice of cake!! WTF!?

  2. I noticed your other post first... how about having your fiancé bake a few George Foreman cakes in the days before the wedding...? :-D

  3. I know I'm waaaay late ... but my friend actually baked her own cake from ... Betty Crocker rainbow mix! Her friend put the baked cakes into "layers", but the bride herself did the actual baking!

  4. Not sure where you are located, but I know an incredible cake baker who just started and does cakes out of her home. She has pictures of her work and she is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Best part is, she can do rainbow chip...which I'm not gonna lie, is also my favorite. If you are on a budget, she's also great because of her low overhead. Email me if you are interested. Good luck with the planning.