Monday, April 7, 2008

Frugal Florals

I've always been a flower person. But to be honest, flowers are not going to be a priority for me. I would like my bouquet to be picture-worthy, but as for ceremony decor and centerpieces-I'm looking for a bargain. I feel like my dollar can go so much further somewhere else. The other thing is that I really have no idea how much flowers cost? I've been referred to a few florist/floral designers but feel it's a little soon to be getting quotes etc. I have been picking up some great budget tips while perusing theknot, the blogs and other great sites! Since I haven't nailed down my colors, I'm looking at flowers with an open mind. The one thing I know: I want looottts of candles!

A baby's breath bouquet? Check it out at Real Simple

Another creative use of baby's breath

I've always balked at carnations (they're filler flowers!) but Real Simple has some great tips.

This is the look that I initially thought would work best for me. I want candles, candles, candles! And then some smaller vased flowers. I like this look-but probably won't do the bright colors.

Photo: The Knot

This one caught my eye for several reasons. Number 1: yes those are carnations and I love that they have done several containers of one type of flower each. I also love the little bully they have as their table markers. We plan on incorporating our own bulldog in our wedding. We're hoping we can have him there in some capacity, but as that is highly unlikely-we'll probably do something similar to this:

The Knot

Here's a shot of our lil guy, Maverick.

He is very expresssive and loves the camera, so getting shots of him for table numbers wont be difficult!


  1. I love your ideas for floral and table numbers!

  2. Ooh Maverick is adorable!! I'm TOTALLY doing the table numbers with Sterling (my dog) and Sebs (my cat) cause I wish they could be there to celebrate with us as well! Not gonna happen...

    As for the flowers, LOVE the baby's breath ideas. I think that baby's breath and mums are completely underrated flowers and absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Oh my goodness I love your dog!! Also love your idea for table numbers. How fun and creative!