Friday, March 13, 2015

Christmas 2014

December was busy, busy and we had a blast taking in the Holiday Season...but it was busy. I read my post from last year and really did wish we would have stuck to that low key model. I felt a little rushed around in the holiday madness, but we ended up having a great holiday. 

Play date with your favorite friends: Lily, Austin, and Tyler
I turned my back for a few second and turned back to find you had first, found a play shopping cart, and second, filled it to the brim with holiday cheer. You marched through walmart with that thing and thought we were getting it all. Gotta love a velvet skirt and rain boots! Anything goes at that store, right?
For me December was also a busy month for Real Estate. I was so happy to see some friends find the "perfect" house and close before the holiday. I was also excited to be named "rookie of the year" for my office. It feels good knowing that the choice to switch up my career is paying off personally and professionally. I'm with my sweet owner/brokers at a Christmas dinner party above. 

Grandma came to stay with us for the week before Christmas. Gpa joined us on Christmas eve. It made it feel even more festive to have grandma here baking cookies and helping us get ready for Christmas. We made a trip to the city to visit with Godmommy J and her mom-two of my favorite people! It was a lovely day just lounging, eating sandwiches and catching up. J got you an adorable wooden rocking chair and a necklace for me. You claimed both and were pure entertainment the entire day. 
We live a few blocks from Candy Cane lane and we walked it with your daycare. Singing songs along the way. So festive!! You were so happy to see your friends and introduce them to me and Grandma!

Christmas Eve at nana's house was a big night. Santa evens stopped by. 

 My little sweetie after our Christmas Eve Festivities. I loved your little navy blue dress!
Christmas morning antics

Christmas morning was relaxed. Uncle T and Auntie S came down to open presents. 
And we got to make a VERY exciting announcement....
We are sooo excited for an August 2015 baby GIRL! We wrapped this picture up in a frame and gave it to Nana and Gma as their final gifts. They were both so thrilled. We got both responses on video and it was super fun. Announcing on Christmas was a blast! 

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