Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

baking cookies with Grandma. You got a fancy Frozen nightgown for your bday and you are always asking to put it on!
Fun on Thanksgiving day!

 On Thanksgiving day we went to a 49ers game. We were SO pumped up and had a great time, that is until the game started and our team looked like crap. This was my first time at the brand spankin' new stadium.

Since Uncle T had to work on Turkey day, we celebrated on Friday. We went to T's house and had a great time. It was SO nice not to host the Holiday and you did great being away from home for a couple nights. 

Hitting up the mall!

The only pic I have of you in your sweet little outfit!
Totally spoiled reading books with your Auntie and Uncle
Fun Lighted Tractor parade was so impressive!
You loved every minute in the BIG tub! 

It was really good to have some family time! So excited for Christmas!

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