Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Taber Ranch Wedding: The Week Before

I made the decision to work the week before our wedding. I think it was a good decision, I had a lot to do, but with Kate Miller and my other wedding "elves" lending a hand, it was very manageable!

My parents arrived on Wednesday and ran some last minute errands around town for me. My bridesmaid, A made table runners (actually, table squares) from the same fabric we used as our invitation pockets. My other A bridesmaid made our ring bowl as well as completely headed up our "fauxtobooth". I don't know what I would have done had they not offered to help and really insisted that I give them jobs! Take advantage of those girls who are always there for you! Not all of my bridesmaids were as "hands-on" but looking back I think I should have just handed over jobs to them. That's why they are in your wedding in the first place! Remember that most people love to help and be involved, even if you don't find them volunteering!

Our handmade ring bowl! The back says 10-3-09 and Forever. Swoon! photo: terra tabbytosavit

My last minute jobs involved printing, printing and finalizing our ceremony. My MOH's father was our officiant and completely took control of his role, which was so nice! I told him we wanted a quick, personal ceremony and that's exactly what we had!

I found myself really letting go of the little stuff during the week before the wedding. I just couldn't wait to finally get married! B and I went and got our marriage license early Friday morning (day of rehersal!) it was so sweet and exciting. That is one of my favorite moments of the whole wedding weekend. I felt so lucky to have a man so enthusiastic about marrying me.


  1. Where did you get this adorable bowl? Did you make it yourself!?!

  2. I love the ring bowl. What a wonderful idea.

  3. How did your friend make that bowl! It's SUPER cute!