Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gifts for the Groomsmen

The boys were so hard to shop for! Since B is not a huge drinker, the ever-popular flasks weren't very fitting. He does work in the beer industry, so we thought of doing a huge beer stein, but his best man had those at his own wedding, so we wanted something original. After a google search lead me to Ebay, I found the perfect gift--personalized mini LED mag lites. The set came with a mini pocket knife that was also engraved with their initials. B has an unhealthy obsession with flashlights--he pretty much collects them, and we knew his groomsmen would appreciate the useful memento.

Via Ebay, I found this company. While the mag lites were a little more than we had hoped to spend, they were just too perfect. They turned out beautifully, and were delivered in no time. All the boys seemed to "get" the idea of the gift, and several report that they use it!

Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Sometime back when I was in college, I had seen a fellow sorority sister with a huge, white makeup bag with her name on it. I LOVED it and found out it was from Pottery Barn. For some reason, I had always thought it would be the cutest bridesmaid gift. While I probably could have found cheaper, personalized makeup bags, I decided to go for it and order the PB version. They turned out SO cute!
photo: pottery barnphoto: terra tabbytosavit

Inside each personalized bag was a lip gloss, nail file, Tylenol, chandelier earrings, and a "gift certificate" for $20 towards their wedding day hair/makeup. I was so happy to make the day more affordable, since most of my girls had to travel to get to our wedding.
This is the best picture I have right now of the chandelier earrings I bought for my girls. They were nice and sparkly! Since each bridesmaid wore different colors and different styles, I thought it would be nice to have something that matched. These earrings were purchased in Los Angeles in the Fashion District. I also purchased a ring for my maid of honor, my earrings and bracelet and my mom and grandmas wedding day jewelry there. Great deals!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Taber Ranch Wedding: The Week Before

I made the decision to work the week before our wedding. I think it was a good decision, I had a lot to do, but with Kate Miller and my other wedding "elves" lending a hand, it was very manageable!

My parents arrived on Wednesday and ran some last minute errands around town for me. My bridesmaid, A made table runners (actually, table squares) from the same fabric we used as our invitation pockets. My other A bridesmaid made our ring bowl as well as completely headed up our "fauxtobooth". I don't know what I would have done had they not offered to help and really insisted that I give them jobs! Take advantage of those girls who are always there for you! Not all of my bridesmaids were as "hands-on" but looking back I think I should have just handed over jobs to them. That's why they are in your wedding in the first place! Remember that most people love to help and be involved, even if you don't find them volunteering!

Our handmade ring bowl! The back says 10-3-09 and Forever. Swoon! photo: terra tabbytosavit

My last minute jobs involved printing, printing and finalizing our ceremony. My MOH's father was our officiant and completely took control of his role, which was so nice! I told him we wanted a quick, personal ceremony and that's exactly what we had!

I found myself really letting go of the little stuff during the week before the wedding. I just couldn't wait to finally get married! B and I went and got our marriage license early Friday morning (day of rehersal!) it was so sweet and exciting. That is one of my favorite moments of the whole wedding weekend. I felt so lucky to have a man so enthusiastic about marrying me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So about a month before our wedding day, I began my bridal gown alterations. I did end up purchasing the Maggie Sottero Nadine sample from House of Fashion in Sacramento. After negotiating with the manager, I was able to get the dress for about 40% off with a full cleaning and repair. While I was truly hesitant to purchase such a dishevled sample, it was the only dress I wanted. So I got it.

Thus, alterations began. The dress was just slightly too big for me. I met with my alterations lady, Ramona and we got started. I told her I wanted a more defined sweetheart bustline, and that I had been told, before purchasing, that it would be a simple "one-stitch" procedure. She agreed, showed me how it was to be done and told me to come back in a week to try it on.
I came back. The dress looked horrible. The bustline looked as if someone pinched it and stuck a pin in, and called it a day. I saw the single stitch holding it together and asked Ramona if there was any way we could get rid of the stitch and go back to the original. Since I was positive that could be done, I didn't panic, didn't raise my voice, just told her I changed my mind. She was livid. She went on and on. I looked at my attendant who looked horrified and I seriously almost started laughing. Ramona told me that she could not remove the stitch, that I had asked for that stitch and that it looked fine. Since my attendant obviously disagreed, the two left the room to discuss. There I was, on the bridal platform with a seriously messed up dress three weeks before my wedding.

Then I heard them call Nagy, another seamstress. There were several voices toppling one another. There was whispering, and then there was Russian. The two seamstresses began arguing, very loudly in their native tounge. I had to hold myself up to keep from laughing. Seriously? It went on for a good three minutes before Nagy, seamstress #2 bounced into the room. "She is fired, I take care of you, " the four-foot nine Russian said in her thick acccent as she climbed the bridal platform. With one snip, my dress was whole again. She worked miracles on my dress and it ended up looking exactly as I had wanted.

Of course, Ramona was not actually fired. Just fired from my dress. It was a ridiculous scene, one that could have been much worse. I had to commend myself for not being one of those brides who would have completely lost it in a situation like this. I ducked out, hoping Ramona was no where in sight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One month Ago

We've been married since October 3rd. It was an amazing, amazing day. The weather was exactly what I was hoping for, and everything else really seemed to fall into place (with the help of all my wedding elves of course).

Full recaps coming soon. Our photog is getting photos to me by is the teaser she sent me...

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