Thursday, June 17, 2010

Websites I Love!

Just wanted to share a few sites that I have been using quite frequently lately!

When my WW online subscription ran out, I was not planning on renewing. A friend of mine told us about fatsecret. You can tell fatsecret what diet you are following and it will help you along by counting points. Their online food databank is unparalleled. I've been using it religiously for the past month and it's a super easy way to track cals and points. And the best part--totally free!

I found ebates through twitter, and am loving my shopping bonuses! Simply register at ebates and start there before you make an online purchase. It's SO nice to calculate an extra savings at places like old navy and macys. There's no catch-I can attest to receiving my "big fat check" in the mail after all of my holiday shopping!

I am technically considered an independent contractor, which means I am responsible for paying my own taxes. It is a DRAG. I never considered myself great with money, but this past year has taught me so much. I use outright to track my income/expenses. I still use a professional tax service for now, but I'm hoping to be able to do it on my own next year.

Any other great websites I should know about?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Walmart and Tory?

So, I admit, I love wal-mart. I prefer to shop there over target. The reason? When I go for toilet cleaner, a broom, shaving cream and motor oil, I leave with exactly that. I usually do not care for their clothes, shoes or random home decor items. So on my last visit, as I was searching for the restroom, I took a shortcut through the women's shoe aisle, and spotted these familiar flip flops. They reminded me a lot of the Tory Burch Miller Thongs, so I decided to try them on. Super comfortable, in my size, and wait for it...on rollback for $8.00. Sweet! I picked them up in pewter, but really should have just bought them in all three colors!

Take a look at walmart's version

and Tory's

Obviously you will find a great variation in quality, but for the price, I'm digging my tory-look-a-like's. I even had my hair stylist fooled :)