Monday, June 14, 2010

Walmart and Tory?

So, I admit, I love wal-mart. I prefer to shop there over target. The reason? When I go for toilet cleaner, a broom, shaving cream and motor oil, I leave with exactly that. I usually do not care for their clothes, shoes or random home decor items. So on my last visit, as I was searching for the restroom, I took a shortcut through the women's shoe aisle, and spotted these familiar flip flops. They reminded me a lot of the Tory Burch Miller Thongs, so I decided to try them on. Super comfortable, in my size, and wait for it...on rollback for $8.00. Sweet! I picked them up in pewter, but really should have just bought them in all three colors!

Take a look at walmart's version

and Tory's

Obviously you will find a great variation in quality, but for the price, I'm digging my tory-look-a-like's. I even had my hair stylist fooled :)


  1. Those are so cute! And yeah you're back to bloggin!

  2. I love the shoes and you sure can't argue about the price.