Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Married for Six Months!

I can't believe we have been husband and wife for six months already! We have been enjoying a blissfully peaceful six months. Since returning from our honeymoon, not a whole lot has happened in our lives. We've been working hard, trying to determine what we want next. Travel? Kids? A new home? Lots to think about, but no rush!With my bridesmaids on wedding day.
photo: Terra Tabbytosavit

I'm getting the itch to blog again. I do want to finish up wedding recaps, but afterwards, I'd like to make this blog more of a diary of our life as a couple, rather than a wedding inspiration hub. I've really enjoyed seeing other bloggers make this transition, and I'm looking forward to doing the same! But with two of my bridesmaids getting married this fall, there's sure to be more wedding goodies to come!


  1. Oh, Amy, you are so amazingly beautiful and I am so excited to see how the mix and match dresses looked together. If you're interested, email me and I'd love love love to feature your wedding on The Sweetest Occasion. Let me know if you're up for it :-) And happy six months! xoxo

  2. I just found your blog again and I'm so happy! I use to be Topanga Bay...I've updated since to a new blog. I was so excited to see your wedding picture. You look amazingly beautiful! I can't wait to hear about everything from the wedding and what's been happening since. Hope you're back to blogging again soon!

  3. Love the colors of the dresses and the flower bouquets. Everything was so beautiful.