Sunday, November 14, 2010

A wedding recap, one year later!

We have been married for over a year. Crazy. And, somehow I never recapped the wedding. I really miss blogging. I'm still an avid blog reader, but just haven't felt compelled to write, until right now.

Our wedding was truly a beautiful experience. It was so much more than I could have imagined. We lucked out with gorgeous weather. It was about 75 degrees, a beautiful blue sky, peppered with clouds and no crazy wind during our hilltop ceremony. Thanks to Kate Miller Events, our day went incredibly smoothly. We had some issues with Taber Ranch's staff, but of course Kate was able to work everything out and I felt nice and calm all day.

My bridesmaids looked gorgeous, my family looked amazing and I definitely felt like a beautiful bride. The food was a huge hit, as was our signature cocktail, the "Maverick Lemonade", an ode to our cherished bulldog. I was incredibly impressed with our DJ, In the mix916. Not so impressed with our bartender, but really, there isn't much I could complain about once the day was through!

A main wish for my wedding day was that I'd get to dance all night with my guests. And dance we did. I don't think I left the dance floor but once all night. After the wedding, I briefly wondered if that was a mistake. Did I ignore the guests who didn't dance? But honestly, I had the best time and am so glad I was able to interact with all of my friends who were getting busy on the dance floor with us.
Yes, that's me in the plum cardigan, getting very into the music, as I tend to do. I changed from my lace bolero to a simple plum cardigan, and I love how it came out in photos.
all photos by Terra Tabbytosavit Photography


  1. Amy it's so great to reconnect with you again!! I just have the Adrienne Beth blog right now, it's both photography and personal. I am loving it! Photographing weddings has been SO much fun!! I got married myself just last month, and danced all night long as well and I too wondered if that was wrong of me. I don't think it was though, we had a blast and I wouldn't have changed that. I am really excited to see your wedding recaps!!! :)

  2. LOVE the mason jar glasses!!! How and where did you get them??