Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu Sunday

I love, love, love Kate's Menu Sunday posts and also love how she reviews her last weeks' recipes. I get in huge cooking ruts on the regular, especially around this time of year where the novelty of winter meals is wearing off, but it's still not warm enough to get back to grilling. I find that if I create a weekly menu, I cut back significantly on time and money spent at the grocery store. Here's what's in store for this week:

highly recommended by Kate. I'm excited to try it with some steamed broccoli and rice!
photo via Cooking Light

Tuesday: Bowtie Pasta Lasagna - with french bread and veggies. I found this while browsing The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen and thought it was something my hubby would most certainly love. Sounds like a great weeknight meal in a hurry.

Wednesday: San Francisco Chops in the Slow Cooker with white rice and broccoli. This was also found on Tasty Kitchen and sounds like a great meal. I love to use my crock pot and these flavors sound awesome!
photo: SF Chops via The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Thursday: Baked Lemon Pasta also from the Tasty Kitchen. I love the refreshing taste of lemon and vegetables in my pasta. I'll probably add a little sauteed chicken on top.

Friday: Tri-Tip on the bbq with yukon gold potatoes and green salad- hoping it will be a nice evening to grill one of our favorites. I do a dry rub of salt, pepper and prime rib seasoning.

Also, I finally found a printable shopping/menu list so thatI don't find myself running back and forth to the store for forgotten ingredients. Find and print here

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