Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 Weeks Old

Dear Eloise,

You are now 7 weeks and I'm savoring every moment of this newborn stage. You are changing right before our eyes, and while I cannot wait for your personality to come out, I'm already feeling like it's moving way too fast. You had your first smile a little over a week ago, and daddy and I couldn't have been more excited. We've seen a few more since then, but nothing too consistent. Daddy loves to try to get you to give him a big grin-I don't know how you resist since he's so goofy as he tries!

You are holding your head up really well. I forget that, until people mention it and then I realize that yes-you sure do hold that head up. You love to face us in a sitting up position and also love to lay in your newborn lounger and stare at us, the window and the TV. You seem mesmerized by the TV.

You absolute favorite time, is bath time. You take a bath every night as part of your bedtime routine. Since we realized you love it so much, we make it about 20 minutes long and just let you soak and splash and enjoy. You look so relaxed and peaceful, and you get pretty darn mad when we finally take you out!

I'm starting to read to you, even though you don't seem to notice. We read the whole Eloise book and I was highly amused. I had never read the original and it's pretty funny. I hope you have the same spirit as the character in the book!

Since day one you have been such a good baby. You haven't given me any trouble. From breastfeeding, to sleeping-I just can't complain. You are sleeping through the night thanks to Moms on Call.  You have definitely gotten more fussy during the day in the last three weeks, but are easily calmed. You love to nurse and love your pacifier. I was extremely hesitant to give you a pacifier, but it's worked wonders for the car and other situations where I really need a quiet baby. It hasn't affected our nursing, which is what I was worried about, so I've accepted it. I still don't' let you sleep with it at night, however.

From birth, you have loved your hands. Always flapping them around, touching your face and holding my fingers. Since you were born we've told you I think you are an orchestra director, because that's what it looks like when you are moving those arms back and forth. You still love them and they do find your mouth when you are hungry. No thumb sucking, but I would not be surprised if that happens. You have a strong grip at this point and you love to grab my hair already!   I love, love holding hands with you.
Death Grip on Mama's hair...

You've developed a little rash on your face and neck. I'm worried that you may have a milk allergy. The strange thing is it comes and goes. I've read that this can be common around 6 weeks and no treatment is necessary. I've cut back on dairy to see if that helps. You don't seem bothered by it, but you also don't poop very much so I'm hoping everything is ok. Again, I've read it can be normal for breastfed babies. We'll see what the Dr. says at our check up....I'm finishing this post up at 7 weeks, and your rash is now out of sight. I guess it really was a 6 week thing!

I worked a couple half days this week. The anticipation of working was much worse than actually doing so. Our really good friend S watched you and was so excited about it, that it made it  much easier to leave you with her. I don't think she even put you down while I was away. You took  your bottle like a champ which is another thing I've been worried about. But, in true good baby form, my worries are for naught.

Words cannot describe the joy you bring me each and every day. Even when you cry or fuss, I just think how lucky I am to hear those sounds. Sometimes I still just can't believe you are here. I catch myself stopping at every reflective surface when you are in my arms, because I can't believe that's actually me, holding my own baby.  I absolutely hate leaving you and I know work is going to get busier, but we've just got to take it one day at a time. Your Grandma is coming up this week to help me transition back to work. I know she can't wait to see you.

All my Love,

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