Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Months Old

It's been so busy around our home lately. I love it, but I'm glad to finally have a moment to sit down and reflect. B and I had a flu bug a couple weeks ago, and it knocked us out for 24 hours, respectively. Luckily E was such a cooperative baby. Not being able to care for her like I'm used to was worse than the flu itself.

 My mom was here for the week before Thanksgiving and then my Dad drove up and joined us for the holiday , along with my brother and his girlfriend. It was so nice having so much help and Ellie soaked up all of the constant attention.

Eloise is now two months old and is still changing so fast! She celebrated her first Halloween  and now first Thanksgiving and Baptism. We had a houseful for Thanksgiving and scheduled the baptism for Saturday to take advantage of my family all being in the same place at once!

Eloise at Two Months:

Weight: 11 pounds 8oz at 10 weeks
Height:   22 inches long
Head:   39 centimeters
Diaper size-We are using size one disposables and are fitting into the smallest setting on our Alva Baby Pockets, Bum Genius Elementals and Bum Genius 4.0s. They are fitting better now that her legs have some chub!

Clothing Size: Now 3-6 months. The 0-3 are very suddenly too short!

Milestones:  Lots of cooing and blabbering and expression. Smiling all the time. Sleeping 9 hours at night consistently! You love to look at yourself in the mirror and like your swing now where you can see yourself in the mirror and smile. 

Events to Remember:   

10/31- First Halloween- you were an Elephant! It was a rainy evening and we didn't get many trick or treaters. We hear this neighborhood doesn't get many. It was our first year in this house so I definitely over-bought in the candy department. You did meet some neighbors who came to the door, but it was a pretty quiet night. 

11/22- First Thanksgiving. We hosted both Grandmas and Grandpas, Uncle T and Auntie S. Lots of food and fun. The weather was perfection. Sunny and warm. We did our traditional 2 turkeys-one deep fried and one baked. Everything was perfectly delicious. You slept right through dinner which was rather nice for Daddy and me!

11/24- Baptism Day. We scheduled this pretty last minute. Your Great-Grandmom was able to get us in at her church for a private baptism. You woke up cranky that morning and were a little fussy through the baptism but we were able to get you calm for some pictures. It was lovely! Your Godmother, Auntie J and her parents were there along with Godfather Uncle T (of course) . We went out to brunch afterwards and had everyone back at the house to hang out and visit. It was a really great day. 

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  1. She's gotten so big!! I LOVE her elephant costume. It's just adorable. Glad you all are doing so well.