Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Year of Eloise

At this time, one year ago, I was recovering from labor, holding a scrumptious little 7lb 8oz baby girl in my arms. The sun was pouring in the delivery room window and there was a noticeable quietness to the room. Just thirty minutes before, the room was full of frantic, primal cries, and a hectic flurry of nurses and hospital personnel. Now, just one nurse, finishing up paperwork, two brand new parents, quiet in a love haze, and a baby. A squishy, sleeping child. So new.

I remember the day so, so clearly, but the year has been somewhat of a blur. The changes have come so fast, the days just seem to disappear. Yet, here she is a babbling, teeny one year old.

Transforming into parents has been a seamless, much anticipated change in our lives, and while we are learning as we go, not a day has come where I've yearned for life before her. Life is infinitely better with this baby girl in our lives.

Happy Birthday to sweet Eloise, and happy Anniversary to B and me, parents for one year. What a year it has been.

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  1. Happy Birthday E! She a happy little girl and you two have done a wonderful job.