Tuesday, September 3, 2013

11 Months!

Another month of fun with baby E. 

You attended your first wedding this month. My cousin, M had a sweet little wedding up in Chico where her mom's family lives. A great excuse to have Grandma and Grandpa up. It was a warm day for her wedding, but you did great...even if mama was melting!

 You finally met the extended family on my mom's side. You were quite popular!
 You love, love, love having G&G here! And you loved visiting them. You just had a blast!

 You also love story time. We try to make it every week.
 You have turned into the baby who squeals with excitement when daddy is home. As soon as you hear him, you stop whatever you are doing. Wave your arms and wont stop until he comes to get you. It's the best thing ever. We both just love it.
You are starting to get some more hair! It's a dark blonde. It gets lighter and then darker each week. 

 This month was Bremy's 2nd birthday. You are the reason it was not the worst day. 

 We love you more than words EBK!

Weight: We will find out at the 1 year visit!
Diaper size-  size 3 disposables 4 unsnapped across in cloth.
Clothing Size:  9 months with a few 12 month outfits

Milestones:  This month was an explosion of milestones. You are saying dada, mama, yay, a two syllable sound for "Maverick", a gurggling sound for "doggie", bay-beee, and make sounds that sound like ya, hello and hi. It's pretty cute. Dada you say all the time, the other words are not said on command in any way so we just try to encourage you to make the sounds. I love your little voice. You are a lot more comfortable standing, but still no walking. You took some steps on your own with your walker toy and we thought you would be off soon, but you haven't tried on your own. You've been clapping since around 7 months and it is still one of your favorite things, you do the "roll it" motion during patty cake and clap along to that song as well. I really should write more down because I always feel like I forget things when I come to write these posts. 

Eating-  Still a great eater. You did great with lots of eating out when we visited Socal. Cheesecake factory offered us a baby plate-banana slices and slices of bread. Gotta love that BLW is commonplace. 
You are still nursing about 5 times a day.

Sleep: Consistently sleeping 11 hours through the night this month. Two naps, for about an hour each.

Favorite Toys: Loves the push car after riding one at Nana B's. We got one of our own for  you. Loves the walker, and of course anything that isn't a toy. Loves to go through bags and wallets! Just started some interest in puzzles. 


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