Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 Months!

Better late than never...

This month was full of big changes. Gone is our infant and here is our almost toddler. I''m in love with your sunny, charismatic personality, but will admit I miss my snuggly little baby.
You still love to be out and about and I can count on you to behave during meals and outings, which is really nice. Auntie A and Uncle M were up north for a wedding and we managed to see them for a Sunday brunch in Oakland. It was quite lovely, and of course you were all smiles.

It was a very hot 4th, so we were happy to attend a pool party at S's parents home across town. You are still not in love with the pool, but you tolertated it for an hour or so. I had run to Target that morning to find a float for you, and couldn't resist a clearance American flag bikini. My little American girl!

A few days later was my 30th birthday. I had always hoped to get away for my 30th, but with me losing my job this month, it just wasn't pracical. It ended up being a really fun weekend and definitely the best birthday I've had in a while. Several dinners with family and friends, a date day with your daddy (including a movie!), nice gifts and a happy baby. I don't think I could have asked for anything more and in the end it was nice to be home to enjoy those around us.

The rest of the month was fairly quiet. I wrapped up work which was no fun. I love my job and am very sad that I can't continue with such an ideal situation for our family. But, I'm very excited to see what life has in store.
Diaper size- moved up to size 3 disposables 4 unsnapped across in cloth.
Clothing Size:  Mostly 9 month clothes now

All tests have come back clear on any hormonal issues regarding her growth. She's growing slowly but surely, but is still so tiny!

Milestones:  Second bottom tooth has appeared, though not fully out quite yet. Crawling faster and faster and now pulling up on all objects. A few cruises along the furniture, but still very unsure of walking. Talking (babbling) all day long, with dada being the most prevalent sound by far. Makes a "hiii" sound when greeted, says bababa and mimics inflections really well. Responds to the word "no" as well as her name. Loves to facetime and recognizes the signature ring whenever we are calling anyone. Loves to see her own reflection and pictures. 

Eating-  Still loves eating but has stopped eating veggies. She sees them and removes them from her plate. We rely on the squeeze pouches of baby food to get vegetables in her and are still trying to offer greens as much as possible. 

Continues to nurse well and can make it about 5 hours between, if needed although usually we feed every three to four hours.

Sleep: After some very hard work, she is back to sleeping like a champ. The past three weeks she is napping 1.5 hours two times a day and falling asleep on her own very consistently. Night time is about 11 hours of straight sleep,although she has now started waking up at 530 after a 7pm bed time. We are working on getting back to 630am!

Favorite Toys: loves to rip up paper and loves to touch and handle anything that is not a toy. While getting ready for my birthday dinner, I desperately offered her a basket of hotel sample toiletries and other semi safe objects and let her  play with them as I did my hair. She was obsessed and it kept her busy for a good half hour!

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  1. Such a sweetie!! Absolutely love her sunny personality and bright smile!! So great to see you two!! <3