Monday, January 6, 2014

15 Months!

Walking around Uncle Timmy's front yard at his new house! 11/28/13
Helping Mommy make the guest bed 11/30/13
 waving hi and giving baby doll "loves"
 Loving every minute of story time. While mostly you are pretty clingy to mommy and shy around new people, you insist on being the center of attention at story time. While the other babies sit on their mommy's laps during the singing time, you choose to leave me and walk from baby to baby and say hi. Then you make your way to the center of the circle to do itsy bity spider and Old Mcdonald. I'm lucky to get you back on my lap for the bouncing songs where we do "tick tock" and "I bounce you here, I bounce you there". Then it's open play time where you are the first in line at the bin of books. You just crack me up. We've made some great friends at story time.

Mommy gave you an impromptu first haircut after bath time one night. I didn't really get the proper pictures because I just sort of planned on snipping around your ears. But you were so happy sitting in the sink, I decided to do a full haircut. Despite my complete handicap with scissors, I think it turned out pretty good!

Eloise at 15 Months
Getting into trouble while we waited for our 15 Month Check Up

Weight: 20lb 11 oz a big gain!
Height:   30  inches...and finally on the chart in the 25th percentile!
Head:    45.7 cm
Diaper size-  size 4 disposables during the day and size 5 at night.
Clothing Size:  12 month clothing with some 18 months fitting and some 9 month pants still fitting. Girl has short legs and a long torso!
Milestones:  First steps were taken just before Halloween at 13 months and walking just a week or so after that. At 15 months she is walking full speed and even running. She loves to sing and do the hand motions for "the itsy bitsy spider" and still loves to do the patty cake hand motions. Constantly babbling and appears to have her own language, though none of us can make sense of it. She has a word for "doggie" that sounds like guhguh and says "Hi!" very clearly, usually with a wave. Finally started to say "MaMa". Waves hi and bye, puts her forehead out whenever we ask for a kiss and retrieves items we ask for. Loves to pretend to talk on the phone with her toy phones, or mommy and daddy's cell phones. Loves all of her baby dolls and rocks them, hugs them and kisses them. Also loves to push them in her toy stroller. 

Eating-  Eating really well for the most part. Still hard to get veggies in and is not a big fan of regular milk. I've been making milk smoothies in the vitamix with a banana and a couple chunks of frozen fruit and she loves that. Still nursing about 4-6 times per day!

Sleep: Overall sleeping about 11-12 hours each night, but there have been several nights with one wake up, though she generally goes right back to sleep. Trying to get on a one nap schedule, but she still likes to catnap in her stroller during our morning walks.

Favorite Toys: She is constantly playing and we've acquired a lot of toys. She loves her baby dolls and the toy stroller. Loves this barn she got for her birthday and also loves to play with her books her purse and wallets! 

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