Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Road trip!

E and I took a Mommy-Daughter road trip last weekend so we could make it to my cousin's baby shower. It was a total last minute decision to go, and I was nervous about a solo parenting 6 hour drive, but I'm SO glad we went. E was an angel for both car trips. It was a great getaway! The weather was crazy. Almost 80 degrees everyday, no fog or marine layer, no humidity. Definitely not typical weather for my hometown (especially in January) so we soaked it  up the entire weekend. 

First stop upon arrival: REAL Mexican food. My dad always carries a pen in his shirt pocket and it's E's favorite thing. Luckily she's managed to keep it on the paper!
 Grandpa's girl for sure. Grandpa was able to join us for lunch at the harbor. We enjoyed our seafood on an upstairs patio and watched the pelicans soar past.

 The baby shower was for my cousin with whom I spent a lot of summers with growing up. She lives in Colorado now, so it was such a treat to have us all able to get together for a SoCal shower. I'm really glad we came.

All of my cousins!
 E loves the ocean and was a happy, happy camper during the beautiful seaside luncheon.

We even snuck a 3 mile walk in on the beach. I don't think I ever went to the beach this much when I lived there or San Diego, but it was a nice change of scenery for us!

The trip was much too short and we missed seeing any friends or their littles, but hopefully we will be back again soon!

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