Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finding a Photog

My, my, my. I can't believe the time has finally come for me to start looking for a photographer for my own wedding. Over a year ago I became addicted to a couple photographer's blogs. I randomly found Jasmine Star in the OC. I literally fell in love with her work and really started to appreciate the art of wedding photography. Her blog led me to other famous OC wedding photogs. What I loved about Jasmine was her insistence on connecting with each couple, her ability to get the back story, and her passion for telling that story through photographs. But what I love most are her engagement shots. They are gorgeous.

But, alas, she is in the OC, is extremely popular these days, and well, is just too cool for me! As much as I appreciate the style of work that has become so popular these days (read: edgy), I just don't think that style truly reflects the personality of myself and my DF. So here I am, left searching for a style, and a photog that will accurately reflect our own simple needs.

Anyone who knows me knows that I take an exorbitant amount of pictures at any given event, holiday, road trip--you name it. My DF on the other hand, would be totally content if no pictures were taken. Thus, I need a photographer who is capable of dealing with Mr. Camera Shy.

I have stayed up too late for the past few nights looking through the portfolios of many a photog. I have found a handful that have caught my eye...

The first photographer I found was Holly Istas I thought her shots were uber romantic and really quite beautiful. She is on the higher end of my budget but everytime I see her images I see myself in them. She has also shot at the venue that we are hoping for....

Next is Andrea Price

She was a "preferred vendor" of the venue we like and I think her work is timeless and brilliant. She is also on the higher end of the budget and it looks like we would have to pay extra to get a DVD of the hi res images (something I really want). She doesn't have a blog, but check out her images of my dream venue: Taber Ranch Images

The other top contender is Terra Tabbytosavit

She is new, fresh and in my opinion, full of potential! She reminds me of the OC photogs that I love but doesn't seem too over the top with the whole edgy thing. I had the opportunity to speak with her on the phone this morning and she seems incredibly passionate, professional and eager. Again, I can see myself in her images. Her package is by FAR the most reasonable- I would be getting everything I want: engagement session, full wedding day coverage with a second shooter, a hi-res DVD of all images and an incredibly sleek magazine style album-all within my budget.

There are about a million more photogs that I LOVE-but price is a huge issue so I'm trying to find someone who can meet all of my needs. Have I found the one? I'm still not sure. Luckily I have plenty of time to decide!

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