Tuesday, March 4, 2008

first things first.

Wow! I'm finally posting my very first blog post ever! I hope that this will serve as an online diary and sounding board as I begin the wedding planning process.

I've been scouring wedding blogs and sites for the past week...I have to admit I hadn't given much detailed thought to my own wedding before I so effortlessly ruined my own proposal.

I could tell something was up with my BF two weeks before Valentine's day. When questioned, he wouldn't budge. After a much too detailed conversation with my mom about engagement rings, I instantly had the feeling that BF was thinking proposal. My instantaneous thoughts soon became words as I thoughtlessly blurted out, "Are you going to propose at disneyland in March?" We had been planning a trip back to our most favorite place on earth for a while, and as BF's face turned pale, I realized I had ruined all hopes of a surprise. My shock quickly turned to grief as I mourned the loss of my "perfect proposal". BUT, life has gone on and I am anxiously awaitnig a Plan B. It may not be a huge, infront of Cinderella's castle surprise, but I know the moment will be special and I can't wait.

Since then, my "free" time has been devoted to creating an inspiration board. As soon as I knew a ring was on the horizon, I had a vision in my head that I could not get over. I wanted rustic chic. At the time, I didn't even know rustic chic was a popular option! I was overwhelmed with the choices, the prices and the details. After the vision came the date selection. To me, time of year is huge. I have always, always wanted an indian summer wedding. That was pretty much the only detail I had ever solidified in my mind. Being from southern California, the warm, orange evenings of late September and early October we always the most amazing....so as I browsed the 2009 calendar, Oct 3 stood out. It is the anniversary of the weekend we met! Done!

Then came the vendor shopping. I was torn-have my wedding in my hometown? A smaller coastal community with a relaxed feel but seriously lacking in wedding venues? Or look for somewhere near where we live in northern CA? BF's family and friends are here, and I delight in the idea of having a wedding somewhere I've never been before!

I'm still working on the details, but here is my very first draft of my inspiration board!


  1. This is a great first post - and I LOVE your blog title. So cute!

  2. I love coming back and reading people's first posts and this was a great one :)

    I ruined my proposal too, not for him but for me. It was my own fault though ;)

    Congrats on the 50lb you have lost - that's amazing!