Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fun Stuff

I must admit I haven't thought about our wedding for the last couple weeks. Tuesday I was sworn in, and it felt great to finally seal the deal. Now that I'm a licensed attorney (well, still waiting for the card in the mail, but technically I can practice) I have some big decisions to make. I'm fighting for a position with the office I am currently with, but the timing is not the greatest and I may have to wait a month before I'm taking my own cases. I love the work, but I'm disappointed that I don't have a concrete offer.
I got a call today from an attorney I've worked with who wants to see my resume and talk shop this weekend. The best part is, I may be able to work for him and continue with my current office. If this works out, I think I would be completely content. I promised myself I would not become the type of attorney who loses sight of what is truly important. I have no plans of working 90 hours a week, no plans of divorcing because I don't know my husband and no plans of buying my (future) children's love because I can't devote time to their lives. Unfortunately, this greatly limits my employment options.

I'm definitely trying to think positively, and after the phone call today I feel enthusiastic about the possibility of having a multi-faceted legal career.
I also mentioned to B today that I've always wanted to get my real estate license. He responded with a silent stare and said, "I think you might enjoy punishing yourself with tests."


  1. hilarious fiance. and congrats! amazing accomplishment!

  2. I admire you for keeping your eye on the prize. You are right, in our field, it's hard to find a job that allows you to balance life and career. I've done the 60-80 hr work weeks and i'll do them if i have t (sadly even the legal profession is getting hit with this bad economy), but i'm much more content with actually being able to have dinner with my fiance and not be a mean terrible tired person. Good luck! And i can't wait to hear the (good) news after your meeting this weekend!

    PS. Your fiance's comment is hilarious!

  3. You go girl! Sounds like you're truly keeping your eyes on what's important. I say good for you not thinking about the wedding for a couple of weeks. During the planning I wasn't very good at taking breaks from it and I'll bet it would have been good to.

    I will say from my experience being married for two months (as of yesterday!) that I'm still just wanting to spend lots and lots of time at home with Adrian. We're finally each others and we just want to be together. It's great. I'm thankful that in teaching I can be home when he gets off work. Kelly

  4. I don't think the quality of life of working 90 hours (or even anything over 60 hours a week) is not worth it.