Tuesday, December 30, 2008

V is for Veil

I know this is a little cart-before-the-horse, as I don't have a dress yet, but I've really been into veils lately. I'll give you a run down of my veil-a-lution so far.

A lovely illustration of the ungodly amount of veil choices.

First thought: no veil! I want casual, I want easy.

photo: Terra Tabbytosavit

Second thought: I'll never wear a veil again in my entire life! Must have veil. I like a chapel length!

1st Photo: Jennifer Skog
2nd and 3rd Photo: Paul Johnson

Third thought: I like a two-tiered veil!
photo: Once Wed

Fourth thought: I like a big poufy veil because I think I can pull it off!
Now that is some pouf! Why do I love this so much?

photo via Southern Weddings
Shorter and sassier. Found here

I am loving the combo in the above photos. Two-tiered with a little pouf. I think this look is my current favorite.
photos: Jose Villa

Sixth thought: Stop thinking about veils and start thinking about dresses!


  1. Arg ... I'm having the same issues.

    My mom recently gave me her well-preserved and very pretty veil. It's waltz length. And I was leaning towards wanting a chapel length. So now I'm confused!

  2. There are so many choices! Don't forget about birdcages too, they can be really adorable on the right person. I am leaning towards cathedral length myself - oh the pictures you can get with that! haha Good luck deciding on yours, and happy dress shopping!

  3. I'm considering two looks... perhaps a short chic veil for reception, and a longer more dramatic one for ceremony?... i love veils. they are so beautiful...


  4. I decided to go chapel length and since I am so short it ended up feeling more like a cathedral. I loved it though! Once you find your dress I think your veil choice will come easier.

  5. I adore the two tiered veil, so stunning and offers so much more depth!

  6. You can always wear a veil for the ceremony (my mom talked me into this one and I'm glad I did it)and take it off for the reception. That way, you'll have pics of yourself in both stylings.

  7. My goodness!! I just randomly stumbled onto your blog and I am laughing already at your antics! I LOVE the style you're going for... drooling at the thought!