Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 was a big year for me! Lots of movement toward so many dreams. 2009 is the year where I expect so much to come to fruition. I cannot wait to see where my career goes, I cannot wait to have an excuse to get all of my best girlfriends together for a shower and bachelorette and of course I cannot wait to marry B and become his wife.

Thankful for the year that was, thrilled for the year to come!


photo: A Bryan Photo

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

V is for Veil

I know this is a little cart-before-the-horse, as I don't have a dress yet, but I've really been into veils lately. I'll give you a run down of my veil-a-lution so far.

A lovely illustration of the ungodly amount of veil choices.

First thought: no veil! I want casual, I want easy.

photo: Terra Tabbytosavit

Second thought: I'll never wear a veil again in my entire life! Must have veil. I like a chapel length!

1st Photo: Jennifer Skog
2nd and 3rd Photo: Paul Johnson

Third thought: I like a two-tiered veil!
photo: Once Wed

Fourth thought: I like a big poufy veil because I think I can pull it off!
Now that is some pouf! Why do I love this so much?

photo via Southern Weddings
Shorter and sassier. Found here

I am loving the combo in the above photos. Two-tiered with a little pouf. I think this look is my current favorite.
photos: Jose Villa

Sixth thought: Stop thinking about veils and start thinking about dresses!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The A&B Merger

A few weeks ago B and I co-mingled our funds and opened a joint checking account. While everything I ever learned in my Community Property class should have taught me to never do such a thing, it was the perfect time for us to make this financial decision. Now that I am on the attorney payroll at my office, I have to sign a new contract and also submit my direct deposit.

It took a good hour to sign all of the documents and figure out what would work best for our relationship. We did decide to keep two separate savings accounts. We do not have access to each other's savings which may be legally significant if (heaven forbid) anything were to happen to either of us. It has a lot to do with creditors, etc.

We were both a little nervous as we were sitting there, but as we paused and linked hands on our walk back to the car I could feel that sweet giddy feeling. With every big decision we make together it feels that much closer to the biggest committment of all. We're both starting to wonder how we are going to wait until October 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Is anyone else watching Skins on BBC America? I cannot remember the last time I was this obsessed with a show. It's dark, raw, funny and brilliantly written. The Season Finale of Season 2 airs tonight. I highly recommend.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bitter, Party of One?

As a person who was once single for a very long time, I still find myself reverting to certain fears about being single for the rest of my life. I have to say that finding my future husband at age 22 was something I had never, ever imagined possible. I never dated in high school and by college I was having too much fun to be tied down in a serious committed relationship. To be honest, I always thought I'd be 29 and panicked. Now that I have several unmarried friends who are 30 or older, I'm not sure what all of the fuss was about, but from what I hear, this is a common "worry".

While only one of my high school friends is married, most of them are in very serious relationships. But several of them are not. Several of my co-workers are not. And most of them are not happy about it.

I have to admit that I had a great time being single and carefree, but now that many of my friends have been dating unsuccessfully for a number of years, I can see that the joy of being "free" is starting to wear off for them. I try to sympathize, but I can tell that my encouraging and hopeful words are being met with disbelieving gazes and whispered "whatevers". The consensus is that I just cannot understand what it's like. I met my husband- to be fresh out of college, without any great heart-break or any long drawn out "drought" as they call it. Fine.

But then comes the inadvertent eye roll whenever the conversation remains on wedding-talk for too long. Even on the phone. Yes, I can hear their eyes rolling. For the most part, my very best friends are very excited about the wedding and want to see my ideas and hear about our progress, but there are quite a number of friends who it really seems to pain. Is it a coincedence that these particular friends are all single?

Believe me, I have a lot of other things going on in my life and I generally start my conversations with news about everything but the wedding, but sometimes there is something "new" in my wedding world and it comes up. And I can tell that they just do not care. I try to think back to when my cousin was married while I was as single as could be, I try to remember when my first high school friend was engaged and I was still waiting for a date to call me back. I remeber that point in my life, granted that was three years ago, but yes, I remeber being single. One thing I don't remember is being bitter.

Sure, I understand if weddings aren't your thing, or if it makes you nauseous to talk about centerpieces or dress shopping. I don't always have an avid interest in my friend's and co-workers topics of conversations, but I still care. I usually don't roll my eyes and I definitely don't make discouraging comments. Like I said before, my best and closest friends for have been great as usual, but I'm starting to see some true colors from the rest of the crowd. Has anyone else had any problems with the bitter party out there?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Picks

Happy Holidays!

I absolutely love Christmas. I love bundling up, making nice warm-comfort food, baking and decorating, decorating, decorating! As everyone in my office puts it, I am a "Christmas person". I'm not ashamed!

Our house has been decorated since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. B did a great job on our outdoor lights and I decorated the tree with Maverick. I decided to be selective about the ornaments this Christmas, since we've accumulated quite a collection over the last three years. Our tree looks much more coordinated, lots of golds and pearls with tiny hits of red. I love the clip on poinsettias I found at wal-mart! They are nice and big and so easy to place (only $1 each!).

I bought many, many pillar candles for the mantle but have yet to arrange them. I wanted to buy some fresh garland, either eucalyptus or evergreen to add some scent (our tree is artificial) but I haven't been out to grab some yet! That will be this weekend's project. Since we will not be hosting Christmas this year (we did that last year) I'm not as motivated to make sure every nook and cranny of our home is festive. I think we have just the right amount of Christmas cheer.

I LOVE holiday movies. I watched The Christmas Shoes last weekend and loved it! I rented the sequel, The Christmas Miracle but have yet to watch. My top holiday favorites are: Home Alone, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Love Actually and The Holiday.


I haven't decided if I'll do a lot of baking this season. I don't have as much time as I normally do and I'm also committed to eating healthy through the holidays. My favorite Christmas cookies include: Magic Cookie Bars, Thumbprint Cookies and Peanut Blossoms! Oh good!

My office thinks I'm crazy but I've been rockin' the Christmas music for the past month. It completely puts me in the Christmas spirit. While there are some amazing Christmas classics, my absolute favorites are Mariah's "All I want for Christmas" and *Nsync's "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays". Yes, you read that correctly. It's such a fun song to sing to, and it brings back some great memories.


In my opinion, Northern California gets a much better winter season than SD. My car was covered in ice on Tuesday morning! I realize that for people who live in legitimately freezing climates, it might seem crazy that I get excited for ice, but when you grow up in Southern California, it's nice to feel like it's actually winter.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Missing the Match

A sampling of some amazing non-matching, but coordinated bridesmaids...

Photo: Michèle M. Waite
Photo: gabriel ryan

photo: Martha

photos: Instyle

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fun Stuff

I must admit I haven't thought about our wedding for the last couple weeks. Tuesday I was sworn in, and it felt great to finally seal the deal. Now that I'm a licensed attorney (well, still waiting for the card in the mail, but technically I can practice) I have some big decisions to make. I'm fighting for a position with the office I am currently with, but the timing is not the greatest and I may have to wait a month before I'm taking my own cases. I love the work, but I'm disappointed that I don't have a concrete offer.
I got a call today from an attorney I've worked with who wants to see my resume and talk shop this weekend. The best part is, I may be able to work for him and continue with my current office. If this works out, I think I would be completely content. I promised myself I would not become the type of attorney who loses sight of what is truly important. I have no plans of working 90 hours a week, no plans of divorcing because I don't know my husband and no plans of buying my (future) children's love because I can't devote time to their lives. Unfortunately, this greatly limits my employment options.

I'm definitely trying to think positively, and after the phone call today I feel enthusiastic about the possibility of having a multi-faceted legal career.
I also mentioned to B today that I've always wanted to get my real estate license. He responded with a silent stare and said, "I think you might enjoy punishing yourself with tests."