Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bach-Fest!

As a preface, I LOVE Las Vegas. I almost moved there for law school but decided to stay in CA. I've probably been to Vegas over 50 times. Forty of those times was to go water skiing at nearby Lake Mead with my family. Since I turned 21 I've gone a handful of times for various birthdays to party it up. I'm not a huge wait-in-line club person, but I do love to dance and can definitely get my drink on. My best memories of Vegas are the times where we ended up doing something completely random. My worst memories are trying to fit in at some overpriced club that wasn't fun.

We were always planning on doing a Jack-n-Jill bachelor party. I could seriously care less about strippers and the like, so going to Vegas together seemed like a ton of fun. Many of B's groomsmen are married (or pretty much married) and I've become great friends with a couple of their SOs. One big party seems like the perfect plan.

Now it's time to pick a place to stay. Since I'm no big shot gambler, I don't have a ton of connections in Vegas. We're looking to have a girls suite and a boys suite. So far our best bet seems to be the Venetian. We were told that Venetian's new sister property, The Palazzo is super nice and has slightly larger rooms. Since their smaller suite can sleep 6-7, it's actually quite a bargain despite the fact that it's one of Vegas' most expensive hotels.

Our group will be a random mix of my single bridesmaids, married groomsmen, my brother and his girlfriend and us. Like I said, you wont find us waiting in long lines for a posh club, but because it's Vegas-we do want to do something super fun.

The itinerary for now is to have a kick back night of drinking and catching up on Friday night (we'll arrive late afternoon). Have a boys day (who knows) and a girls day (pool and drinks please) on Saturday and meet up that night for our big night out.

Would love to hear any feedback on Vegas or joint bach-parties in general!



  1. I just got back from my bachelorette party in Vegas. I went with 8 girls, and I have to say it was MUCH easier getting into clubs and getting free drinks with a bunch of girls. I saw some people waiting in line for 2-3 hours, where we just walked right up. My girl's brother was in town, and tried to join us in the club, but he got stuck waiting!! So maybe split up at night too! Good luck!

  2. I highly recommend the Nine Fine Irishmen (located inside of New York New York). It is a restaurant/pub that has a spectacular atmosphere!!! Great food, great drinks and great atmosphere!

    A lot of the clubs will let the girls right in but the boys will have to wait in lines (if the boys and girls split up). Sometimes they will let you all right in if you go up together since they see so many girls in the group. Kind of crappy but not crappy for us girls!

    I haven't been but have heard great things about the MGM pool party! You may want to check that out during the day - boys can drink, girls can drink and lay out! Perk for both groups.

    Have a great time! Vegas is such a fun city!!!

  3. I am attending my first Vegas bachelorette party this weekend! Very excited!! Def will come back with some stories for you!