Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shower Me!

MOH is hosting my first bridal shower! It's this coming Sunday at her parent's home in San Francisco. I'm so excited!

Initially, I was trying to plan my own shower. MOH finally stepped in and told me that as much as I wanted to, I was out of luck-she was hosting and would be planning and I was not to worry about a thing. She selected these lovely invites from Wedding Paper Divas. Love them!

I'm super excited to see so many of my favorite women all in one place! Since most of my extended family is in Socal, we will also have a shower down there so not everyone must travel! My bridal party (except for Doctor K who is about to graduate!) and B's family, along with my mom and grandma will be there. Almost 20 all together which is a lot more than I was excpecting!

The only thing I have to worry about it what to wear!


  1. Aww...my MOH used the same invitation! Love it!

  2. ENJOY! I love love loved my showers!!! Ah! :)

  3. Congrats! I have a shower coming up this weekenda as well. Have fun:)

  4. I just finished catching up on your blog and I too used different colors in my wedding; I just recently posted about our wedding on my blog..there are pictures of my girls in their different colored dresses! I loved it!

  5. i love the invitation! my MOH was looking at the same one for mine but i'm not sure what she choose.

    it's always so nice to have a wedding event where other people take charge!

  6. so exciting!! I love that invitation!! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time