Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Eloise,

Dear Eloise,

At this moment you are laying on your tummy on the left side of my chest. I can hear your little breaths and every so often your tiny hands tug at my neck and melt my heart. When you are in this cozy position the top of your head gets covered in kisses and my nose seems to find your head every few minutes. Your smell is intoxicating and I can only take it in with eyes closed.

With the exception of two fussy days (where you didn't go poo) you have been such an easy going baby. No one can get enough of you and I don't think you've been anywhere but someone's arms for 90% of your life. But when we do put you down you are still happy as can be.

You are feeding well, sometimes too often for mama to keep up! Now that you are two weeks old we're going to put you on more of a schedule, so we will see how that works out. 

Last weekend was a busy one for you. We went to San Francisco to celebrate your Auntie J's 30th birthday. I was so nervous to take you anywhere so early. We went early to visit and left as soon as the party started. Mommy and Daddy were both unable to relax with you there, even though you slept the entire time and were on your best behavior. You are still so little! 

The next morning we had your first photo shoot. We were lucky enough to meet this photographer at a party and we just love her. Seeing her with you was magic. She was so good with you and you cooperated really well! The pictures look amazing. I was trying to hide my emotions at the shoot, I was just so overwhelmed with happiness. It still feels unreal. I can't' believe you are mine. Ours. 

After our shoot we went to your Nana's for a small family gathering with your Daddy's side of the family. It was very relaxed and you slept the entire time. We took lots of pictures and headed home to watch football just the three of us. We were surprised to have Daddy's best friend and wife come visit and watch with us. They are our great friends so we just completely lounged with them and ordered some pizza that night. It was lovely. 

You are still such a sleepy girl, but I love when you open your eyes and "dance" for us. You wiggle your arms and legs and coo a little bit and I can't take my eyes off of you. I just can't get enough of everything you do. 

Daddy loves you so much and has been home with us since you were born. He loves to hold you, sing to you and yesterday, as I came out from a shower and getting dressed I caught him dancing for you as you stared at him in your bouncy seat. He was making breakfast and apparently keeping you very entertained. Talk about melting my heart! 

Ellie, you are so wanted and so loved and so many are so happy you are here. I hope you continue to be a happy, healthy little girl. I hardly remember how we lived without you. 

All my love, 

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  1. This is so sweet!! I have felt the same thing with my girls, I have no clue how we ever did life without them. Being a Mama is a pure gift!! So happy for your family!! Enjoy!!