Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Months!

Another busy, and fun month for us with Miss E! 

You are really discovering toys now. You love to look at yourself in the mirror and pull on the toys hanging from your play mat. Maverick is pretty jealous!

The Week after your two month check up, we were back at the Drs office. Your eye had  been runny for a couple days and then one morning, it was so crusty you could hardly open it. The Dr had an opening so we went in to check it out. He said it didn't quite look like an infection, but gave us ointment in case it was still bad a few days later. It cleared up on its own, and my mom friends diagnosed it as a blocked tear duct. I think that's what it was, as well!
We saw so many people this month, and you loved it. We had a get together with my bunco friends, three of whom all had babies right around when you were born. It was so fun to meet all the kiddos and see how everyone was doing. Our hostess had gingerbread houses to make for the big kids, and did little ornaments for the babies. We did footprints of each of the infants, and it was hysterically to see how SMALL your feet are compared to the other babies. J was born just a day before you and he is huge. A was born two weeks after you and while she looks like she's about your size, her foot was definitely two times the size of yours. Oh, E, how I hope you don't have your mommy's gigantic feet! Looks like you are off to the right start! Ha!
Your Nana and Grampa went to Australia for the month, so Grandma came up to fill in as babysitter while I worked. I ended up having more time off than anticipated, so we got to spend some quality time together. We shopped, baked, and planned for Christmas. Grandma made SO many cookies. I made my peanut clusters and let her handle the rest. We had a lot of fun, but Grandma totally wore us out! We went and saw Santa and shopped all day long. I haven't done that in forever!
The Saturday before Christmas we went to visit Uncle T and Auntie S. We went to a couple wineries and it was so fun. Uncle T wore you in the baby Bjorn in the first winery. You loved riding with him and did not make a peep the whole time. You slept some and then woke up at our last stop. You were an angel, we had a great time. We came back to their house and had a Christmas dinner with them since they weren't  able to be with us on the actual day. 

We didn't do much on Christmas Eve. Daddy and I both worked half days and we went out for an early dinner with Grandma and Grandpa (who had drove up that day). Christmas morning was pretty quiet without Uncle T. We opened a few gifts and made a nice breakfast. I got some pretty exciting news from Auntie K that morning, too! That evening Auntie A and her family joined us for prime rib and all the fixins. Great-Grandmom was here too. It was fun to have your little cousins M and Z here. It made it feel more like Christmas to have kids running around. I did manage to get you into a Christmas dress that night for some pictures. I was busy making dinner, but here's a little family picture we managed to get!

 Later that week, Daddy and I were able to sneak away and take the day to spend with you and Grandma and Grandpa. It was a nice, clear day so we headed into the city to walk around and also visit Uncle T at work. Of course Daddy took us to AT&T park so we could update our Giants wardrobe. You were all smiles as we strolled around the Dugout store and around the park. We stopped for clam chowder at Fisherman's Grotto and enjoyed a killer sunset and views. Again, we were totally worn out!
 You seemed to LOVE all of the company, activity and change of scenery this month. You are staying awake a lot more and really taking in what you see. You got a few toys from Christmas and love them. Anything that lights up and makes sounds is your favorite. You are babbling constantly and smiling on queue!

Eloise at Three Months
Weight: 11 pounds 10oz at 11 weeks   
Height:   22.25 inches long at 11 weeks
Head:   39 centimeters at 10 weeks

Diaper size-size one disposables and smallest setting on the cloth diapers

Clothing Size: Mostly 3-6 months. Some 6 months will fit. We've retired a lot of clothes this month!

Milestones:  loves to be in sitting up position, loves to "stand", holding head up, smiling lots, reaching for toys and holding on,  always blabbering away. When  you are getting a little fussy you start to say "Maaaaaa". I've got to get it on video. We love to repeat it back to you. 

Sleep: It's been a very busy month, and it's been difficult to keep you on a schedule. It's also been difficult to get you to nap on your own since your Grandma seriously held you all day long while she was here for two weeks. Thus, you aren't sleeping as well at night as of late. You have been waking up 1-2 times per night, cry for about 10-30 minutes and are back to sleep. I've also been struggling with my milk supply quite suddenly. Starting on Christmas Eve, it seemed like you were not getting enough to eat, and you were very frustrated. Two weeks later, I'm still struggling to produce enough. I've had to forego the schedule in order to feed you more so that I'll produce more. So I'm guessing that has a bit to do with your sudden sleep issues, as well. 

Events to Remember:   

First night in your actual Crib: 12/1/12
First "mommy and me" event at the baby boutique: 12/14/12
Meeting baby A, J and A: 12/15/12
First trip to Santa: 12/18/12
First trip to Uncle T's house: 12/22/12
And of course First Christmas!
First visit to AT&T park and Fisherman's Wharf: 12/27/12


  1. What a great update..I wish I had kept up with Logan's updates , but it's so hard to find time! Looks like you had a great holiday break :)

    1. Thanks, lady! It's taken me 10 days to write this post to completion. There's never time! I really enjoy your IG pics!!

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