Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Products 0-4 Months

I've started this post about four times and end up quitting because I just list everything! Our baby sleeps best in this swaddle, loves these pacifiers and our pump and bottles work great. But here are the top five things we needed that may not be as obvious!

1. Tryp Reclining Glider by Best Chairs- So incredibly grateful for this piece of furniture. I cannot imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair and also can't imagine not being able to put my feet up while nursing. This is by far my TOP purchase and I'm thankful for the many friends who encouraged me to splurge and told me I would not regret it--they were right!

2. Moby Wrap- this was a random purchase for me as I wasn't sure I'd use it. I got it pre-owned and am so glad we have it. E loves this so much and B and I find it very comfortable. We had been gifted a baby bjorn and we much prefer this. I think we might have to invest in an Ergo, Beco or Boba but for now, the Moby is what we make sure we have with us. I just watch youtube to figure out different holds. The only thing I don't like is the the fabric stretches out over time and it's so long, it's hard to avoid floor contact when putting it on in public. But overall we couldn't live without it and have used it constantly for four months.

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger- E loves this so much. She doesn't sleep in it much, but it's always been her favorite way to face us when not being held. We keep it on our coffee table for when we are not holding her but she is awake. It's been a great purchase because we use it just as much today as we did the day we brought her home!

4. Video baby Monitor- I don't know how people survived without video monitors! My goodness this has been a lifesaver. I love that I can log in via my iphone and see how she's doing. I keep the actual monitor on my nightstand where it stays, and then use my phone or the ipad to peek at her when I'm anywhere else. There was a huge hiccup in the iphone app that took way too long for them to correct, but it's fixed now and we are so glad we have this one.

5. Soft Gear Deluxe Changing Mat- I tried to find a cooshee but they are hard to find these days and this is what amazon suggested instead. It actually worked out perfect as we needed something to fit a smaller changing surface on the antique dresser we use as her changing table. E loves this thing and I do too. Easy to clean and nice and comfy. It's a must!

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