Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Months!

January was a rather rough month for us. Our milk supply issues had a domino effect and resulted in little sleep and a rather unhappy baby and weary mom and dad. But, at this point our happy baby seems to have returned and we are getting back to our routine! This month was pretty uneventful as far as what we did, but full of great memories with our baby girl. The highlight was E's first laugh which we had been anxiously waiting for! We are still working at getting them out of her, but it's just the best sound ever. 

 I've been working more regularly and E has been spending a lot more time with our great friend, S who is a stay at home mom and lives in our old neighborhood, where I work sometimes. I get a lot of mommy advice from her and we are on the same page with a lot of things. She helped so much to support me during our breast feeding woes, and it has been so much easier to work more knowing E is in her care. She even wears E in her sling which she kept (she has three boys who are now 5 and up) and E just loves it. Leaving her has been a lot easier on me emotionally. Now my stress is making sure I have enough milk to leave with her, but I'm finally getting a little freezer supply going, which is a huge relief.

Bath time is still her favorite time of day. She just loves to splash around and kick and "talk" to us. I find myself always singing to her and she doesn't mind that I am tone deaf and also make up the lyrics to everything. But her most favorite song is "ABC" she just loves it and tries her best to sing along which is adorable.

Eloise at Four Months
Weight: Will find out in a couple of weeks!
Diaper size- I'm trying to use up the last of the size one disposables but size 2 fit a bit better. We've let the cloth diapers out a little along the waist line and they are fitting great!

Clothing Size: 3-6 month clothes fit best, but we have so many cute 6 month outfits I've been using those as well with some room to grow. 

Milestones:  First laugh. Still not very consistent, but we've had several and they are the best. 

E is really loving her toys in the past few weeks. She is shaking her rattle and grabbing for anything within reach. She is also loving her play mat more and more and loves to grab for the hanging toys there as well. It's fun to see her really enjoy some of her toys. We have a light up piano that she absolutely loves. She also loves this rain stick ball

Ellie is pretty vocal and makes new sounds each day. Lots of cooing and little shrieks and now some giggles too!

Voice tracking is really obvious at this point. Ellie lights up when she hears that her Daddy is home and seems to love to hear his voice. 

We are definitely noticing some signs on teething: drooling, chewing hands and now, starting to put other object into her mouth. We've used the Hyland's teething tablets a couple times when she seems to be in pain before bed. It's hard to say whether they really work or not. 

Sleep: The past 4 weeks have been pretty rough on sleep. The feeding and supply issues really shook up our routine. I was waking up about three times at night to feed since she just seemed so hungry. Finally, we are getting back on track. The last few nights she has slept through the night and is waking  up in the morning closer and closer to her normal 7 am wake up time. 

Naps are getting tricky. I'm working more and that throws things off as far as a schedule. Also, since Christmas she pretty much refuses to nap outside of someone's arms. I can get her to sleep and then lay her down on the couch or back in her rock and play cradle, but she no longer goes down from the get-go. I know I could easily "break" her of this, but I'm just waiting for a day when I'm home and can put up with letting her cry!

Our loose routine is as follows:

7am-Wake Morning feed and change! 
730-E sits in her bouncy seat while I shower and change (unless I have to leave early for work and I'm already ready by the time E wakes up)
800- play
900- nap
10 or 1030- Feed and diaper change
1 or 130-Feed
130- play
4 or 430-feed
7 or 730-start bath
730 or 8 feed and to bed

Events to Remember:   

First New Year! We stayed home and were in bed like boring old first time parents!
First Laugh: 1/18/13
Forty Niners beast the Falcons and are going to the Super Bowl! 1/19/13

One Year Anniversary of finding out we were pregnant 1/24/13
Grandma's Birthday 1/24/13- we couldn't be with her but had fun picking out a "Grandma" birthday card and she loved it!

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