Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seven Months!

While each day, week and month brings about so many changes in you, little one, this month felt like a lot changed very fast. The introduction of solids flipped your world upside down in a magical way. You absolutely love eating and feeding yourself. It's been such a fun change.

 You attended your first Giants game! Daddy found out he won the tickets at work very last minute. Good thing I had a Giants outfit on the ready! We got to sit in a really fun section with many of his work accounts and other people in his industry. We didn't know anyone too well, but I was glad they were all willing to give the lady with a baby a nice comfy seat. It was absolute perfection as there was room to walk around in our section and a little table ledge in front of out seat so I could set you up there and let you look around. It was opening day, and we had a literal front row seat to the raising of the world Series flag. You had fallen asleep in the moby under my jacket so I stayed back from the crowd and watched as daddy stood arms length from his favorite players. Such a treat! You of course got a lot of attention and we even got a nice certificate commemorating your first Giants game. They must know parents love that kind of stuff!

This was supposed to be a picture of your head sticking out under my jacket, but the world series flag they handed out blew into our picture. It was surprisingly warm at the ball park, so you ended up a sweaty little baby after your nap. 

The next day, I was commissioned to take engagement pictures for your Uncle and soon to be Aunt. I was a nervous wreck. I know nothing about photography, posing, lighting...I tried my best and ended up having a lot of fun. We got some really pretty pictures and the best part was seeing how happy T&S were with them. That's really all that matters! You were along for the photo shoot, too!

We visited an Iris farm with Nana and Grampa. I was not feeling well at all, but you all enjoyed the beautiful blooms on a warm Sunday evening. 

 Total cheeser!
 Somebody enjoys clementine cuties!

It's been so warm here the past couple weeks. We enjoyed a bbq and evening on the deck at Nana's house.
My little beauty. You love a self facing camera!

 We attended baby bounce story time at the library. You love it so much. I wish we could go more but it's only on Fridays and we seem to always have other plans or I have work. Hopefully we can get there more. It's such a fun time and seeing you light up is something pretty special.

 We celebrated Daddy's birthday all weekend. We went to dinner with friends on Friday. You were an angel in the restaurant and as you can see were quite taken with the lit candles on his birthday sundae. I love this picture! Your daddy is incredibly proud and I love to see him so happy to finally be a Daddy.
Speaking of Daddy, I feel like you both turned a corner this month. You are much more aware of his precense and have developed qutie the affinity for him when he gets home. It's obvious that it melts his heart and it most definitely melts mine. I took a CPR class with Nana on a Saturday and was gone all day long. Daddy seemed a tad nervous to have you all day as he's usually only alone with you for short spurts in the afternoons. He took you on some errands and I think you guys really bonded that day. Ever since then he seems much more comfortable caring for you. And you seem more at ease with him. It's a beautiful, wonderful thing!
Eloise at Seven Months

Weight: unknown
Height:   ? We still haven't seen the specialist. Our appointment is in a few weeks. I was mistaken at our last appointment. E did grow, she's just still considered short for her age. She recently grew out of several 6 month outfits so I'm really not too worried. I'm going to keep the appointment, but I think she's just fine. We will see what they say. 
Head:    ?
Diaper size- same
Clothing Size: 6 months and 6-9 months with a select few of 9 month outfits suddenly fitting!

Milestones:  Sitting like a champ and really moving around well when seated. Great hand-eye coordination. Not crawling but making the motions and definitely feeling the need to scoot and move. So far she is moving backwards only. 

Eating-  As I mentioned introducing solids was life changing for E. She absolutely loves feeding herself. Baby led weaning was for sure the right move for her as she prefers to feed herself and finds a way to eat almost everything we place in front of her. She's had some baby food and some food from the squeezable/suckable capri sun-like pouches, which are very handy when out and about, but for the most part I prefer to feed her "real" food. 

Without a doubt her favorite food on the planet is sweet potato. We go through a costco sized bag of these suckers a week. I bake them and then cut them into long finger like shapes. She eats the "flesh" of the potato out and leaves the skin. She also loves zucchini as it's just as easy to eat. 

Here's what she's tried:

Grated Cheese
Wheat Crackers
Whole Wheat Pasta  (rotini)
Sweet Potato
Plum (cut into wedges and warmed in microwave)
Green Beans
Chicken thigh
Chicken Breast
Ground Beef
Dried Apricot
Clementine Tangerines
Gerber Puffs
Gerber apple/prune baby food
Prunes from the pouch (Plum organic brand)
Brown Rice Cake
Mum Mum
White Rice
Steamed Bell Pepper
Greek Yogurt
Homemade Pancakes
Sourdough Toast
Scrambled Eggs
Hard boiled egg yolk

The introduction of solids (while just for fun, really) has actually helped tremendously with nursing. She is now going 4 hours between nursing which has made it a lot easier to leave for work and plan our days. She is definitely less interested in the boob so I'm curious to see how long she will continue nursing. My goal is one year, so I'm hopeful!

Sleep: Ellie goes to bed very well at night following our nightly bath routine. How  she sleeps is still  hit or miss. Sometimes sleeping through, but mostly waking up once for a very quick feed. I haven't let her cry it out as it's just easier for the time being to do the quick feed as she goes right back down.
Our morning nap in the crib is now definitely routine. She sleeps for 1.5 hours. Sometimes one hour and sometimes (like today!) for two hours. She then usually cat naps mid day in the car or while running errands and then naps for at least one hour in the late afternoon. Big improvement from two months ago!

Favorite Toys: I'm surprised I haven't mentioned her crinkle book. It's definitely been a favorite for a while. She loves to make it crinkle and it's my go-to car seat toy as it's soft and easy for her to hang on to. She still loves her talking/singing vanity and is now interested in the little stuffed animals she's been given (mainly minnie mouse). 

Crinkle Book!

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  1. Your baby is adorable! I had such a good time reading this blog entry and looking at these pictures. And oh, Go Giants!