Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

All I can say is, what a difference a year makes. I remember last Easter very vividly as it was an unexpectedly hard day for me. This year could not have been better. I had my family in town staying with us, we had all of the Easter fixings and most importantly, I had my daughter. Dressed in a sweet little Easter outfit. Heart is officially full.
E loved having a full house and was so entertained with everyone. She was so worn out and so was I! I haven't been with my parents for Easter in over 7 years, it's just a hard holiday for anyone to make a trip out of. But now that E is here they are doing their best to get up her almost once a month for four days. It's so nice!

My brother and his fiance were here as well so it really felt like Easter.

 I grew up with a really nice hand made Easter basket. Despite my trying I could not find anything that matched the quality! All I could find were custom liners so I ordered one off Etsy and it's perfect. I filled her basked with much needed books, and a baby Einstein toy. Grandma brought a ton of clothes, a stuffed lamb and an Easter book. Auntie S brought a little basket with an outfit, swimsuit and stuffed duck. Slightly overboard, but hey, you only get one first Easter!

 It had been thundering and lightening the night before and rain was off and on all Easter day. We snuck outside for a few pictures in between light showers.

I loved Ellie's Easter outfit. Little ruffled bloomers, and a dress-like top with ruffle socks. It's rare to find girl clothes in light blue and I just couldn't resist as it matched her eyes perfectly!
My mom made a ham dinner that was delicious. We dyed eggs just for fun and also made sugar cookies and decorated them. Surprisingly, my dad was a meticulous artist and frosted the cookies for over an hour. I wish I would have gotten a picture. If you know my dad, that was um, out of character to say the least.
 Sweet bunny baby!
Ellie started solids last week. She took to it right away and is a baby-led weaning natural for sure. This was her first taste of steamed zucchini. She loved it.

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