Monday, July 1, 2013

9 Months

How do I have a 9 month old?

What a fun month! I just love being your mommy. I don't know how to put this exactly, but I haven't taken being your mom for granted in the least. I am grateful for each day and for all of the shared moments. I consider myself lucky and so thankful for this life.

The level of interaction has changed so dramatically in the past couple months. So much laughing and communication, it's amazing. I'm really enjoying this stage!

 On 5/25/13 Daddy got tickets to another Giants game, and while I was nervous about sitting in normal seats, we decided to take you. It was a really long game, but you did great overall. It's getting harder to get you to nap in public, so I was glad you at least got a catnap in. Good thing, because the game went into extra innings and the Giants won after an in the park home run! I'd never seen an in the parker before! Super exciting.

That would be a tired baby in the beco carrier right there!!
Memorial Day weekend was spent by the pool with friends.  Here you are with one of your biggest fans, I, eating watermelon, of course!
A new outfit from mommy. One of my favorites on you!
We were able to get to story time a few times this month. It's funny how you've become more reserved, where you used to be so animated at these. Now, you make sure I'm near, and stare in amazement rather than laugh and smile the whole time. By the end, you seem to let loose and enjoy. This month you started to dance whenever you hear music. I may be biased, but I'm telling you, you have good rhythm. We discovered several weeks ago that you LOVE the live version of Eric Church's "Over when it's over" you light up as soon as you hear the instrumental intro. We may play it constantly....
We took two weeks of swim "lessons" this month. It was more of a float with mommy class. You were by far the youngest in the group, and while you tolerated the water, you never seemed to love it. Thankfully, you never cried so we just enjoyed the cool down each night.

You are getting a lot stronger and a lot more brave. Here you are trying to pull up in the tub. You've yet to pull up on furniture, though. You just recently started to crawl. You've been trying your darndest for the past few weeks and finally, you are up on all fours. You love moving around, but are still moving nice and slow and we are just fine with that!

This month also brought father's day. Grandma and Grandpa were here for the weekend with us and we had a really nice, low-key visit which was great. Your daddy loves you so much and your relationship is becoming even sweeter as you grow. He is SUCH a proud dad. Since the moment you were born, multiple strangers have come up to us and said commented on how proud, excited, happy, exuberant your father looks. One day it happened twice! It makes me so happy to see him so happy.  You also love your Grandpa and he is quite smitten with you. It's such a sweet thing to see.

Weight: 14lbs 15oz
Height:   24.7 inches
Head:    43.2 cm
Diaper size- size 2 disposables 4 unsnapped across in cloth.
Clothing Size:  6-9 months with some 9 month outfits fitting!

Milestones:  First tooth came in slowly but surely. Front bottom right tooth. Crawling! Saying dada, and lots of baa sounds. Able to get back to sitting position from crawl position, pulling up to knees on objects and some slight standing in bathtub, on mom and in crib.  Dancing (girl has some rhythm), clapping and just started waving.

Eating-  Eating is a favorite activity and even with only one tooth, she is able to eat anything. She loves feeding herself. Loves the sippy cup and can now drink from a straw. She is starting to prefer fruit (and still sweet potatoes) and turning her nose up to greens. I tried spoon feeding some veggies to try to get some nutritional balance and it did not go over well at all! So we're going to have to figure out some ways to make veggies more appealing.

Not a fan of peas! 

Nursing is going really well! Pretty much every 4 hours still. 

Sleep: eeeeek! All of a sudden my sweet nighttime routine baby was no longer peacefully drifting off at nighttime and this slowly crept into nap time as well. I tried a gentle approach, but ultimately crying it out was the only answer. As of the past two weeks we are sort of back on track. Still crying some nights, but mostly putting herself to sleep pretty well. Once she's asleep she's been sleeping great!

We are on a consistent two naps a day. One in the morning and the other in the early afternoon. They are about 1.5 hours each. Bedtime is between 7-8pm and wake up has been 630 mostly.
Loves to play!
Favorite Toys: Anything she can bang together. Loves her baby dolls and anything that talks to her. Grandma brought her a fisher price picnic basket which has been a hit!

Love you to pieces!

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