Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rustic Inspiration From Snippet & Ink

I just love these boards and thought I'd put them together here as an illustration of the overall feel I would love to re-create."Rustic Abundance" - I love the forals, the pie and of course the barn! Sources at Snippet & Ink

"Feminine Rustic" Love the truck, pashminas and the envelope!

"Country Charm"- Fabric curtains, gingham envelopes and huge english roses. yum!
"Under the Trees"- ooo, I'm loving this color palette "Down Home Black Tie"
A perfect description. Love the calligraphy, hay bales and roses on the fence!!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Those boards look great together... can't wait to see how you create that atmosphere!

  2. my heart skipped a beat! these are soooo beautiful! they aren't my fave style, but what you did with them is incredible. you are seriously talented, and never undervalue yourself just to make sales- know your worth in this world! the right customers always do come along, given time. and don't you want your pieces to go to the right people who will LOVE them and appreciate them like you do? of course ya do.