Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Understated Rhinestone Cow[girl]

I wouldn't be surprised if most of my long time friends are expecting me to plan a lavish, ultra fancy wedding. I tend to be rather boisterous about my expecatations and I'm sure some of my lifelong friends might even describe some of my style choices as borderline gaudy. Let's just say I was wearing gold shoes and handbags waaay before it was "ok". The flipside to my over-the-top inclinations is my inner country girl. So when I told one of my friends that I wanted a homespun/rustic/comfortable wedding with certain elegant details, she seemed to understand.
I would love for our moms to carry a tiny bouquet like this one. It looks so old fashioned and pure to me.

Now that I have saturated my brain with wedding images and ideas, I find myself favoring the photos of understated details. The ballrooms with the uplighting and the gobos, seamless dance floor and towering centerpieces, while never exactly my favorite, are now completely overlooked when I scan wedding photos. Too predictable.

This is the perfect look for our flower girl(s)...although I would change it to a cotton dress. But the ballet flats are so precious! From UK Brides

photo via Ritzy Bee Blog

With so many amazing invitation designs ranging from high end letter press to homemade gocco'd goodness, I'm baffled by my draw to extremely simple invites. I love allowing the font or calligraphy be the focal point.
image found via Budget Savvy Bride

While I really do want a big bouquet to balance me out proportionately.I want the look of simple flowers for the bms. These roses are perfection....so original! photo by Amelia Lyon


  1. I know what you mean. i'm right there with you, girl! You do such a good job of expressing the style you're going for on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Kelly

  2. love the rustic wedding vibe too. ;) Love having you back!! You've had quite the posts lately!

  3. Wow, that last rose bouquet is gorgeous and so simple and affordable I'm sure. I would so go for ballet flats if we had flower girls too :)