Friday, August 1, 2008


With the hope that our wedding site will have amazing views, I've decided that our ceremony will be pretty much decor-free. I don't feel the need for shepard's hooks, a rose petaled aisle or huge urns of flowers. Just something simple. But I would love to have an altar as a focal point. Since I'm hoping to break from tradition with the seating arrangement (with some sort of semi-circle). I'll need something that wont block the view from any angle. I am in love with all of these choices. This top one is probably my favorite.

Loving the idea of "planting" the posts in large potted plants. Very resourceful and easy. From Martha.
My FMIL's better half has mentioned that he would be willing and able to construct something for us! That was really exciting because while my DF is handy, he's not exactly a wood-worker. Hopefully we can come up with something that we could also keep and have in our backyard.
I've had this image saved for a long time. This idea would work well for an altar.
I love the draping/fabric. I don't plan on having florals, but thought this was a pretty option. Photo by Trista Lerit
These two are shots of the same altar done two slightly different ways. What a gorgeous spot! This is exactly the look I'm going for-very organic and simple. Love, love, love the white fabric (cloth-no tulle for me)
Not sure where the second picture is from, but this amazing venue is in Santa Barbara at the Orella Ranch. Isn't it breath taking? Sometimes shots like these make me want to get married at home...The garland is a very nice touch. It adds something without being obnoxious, and I'm guessing is pretty budget friendly.

I'm actually really excited about this detail!

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  1. Very cool... this looks are strong enough to stand alone so any further detail might start looking fussy anyway.