Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's it...

I'm done with the bar exam. Day2 was brutal. 6 hours of multiple choice. I felt like was guessing on every single question. Not a good feeling. Today was ok. I thought I'd feel more excited to be done. Trying to let it all go, until I find out (Nov 21). Can you believe we have to wait that long? Sigh.

Anway-now it's time for guilt free wedding planning, a vacation and catching up on my neglected google reader!

Thanks for everyone's support!


  1. Ouch... that is a long time to wait! At least it's over, though, and in the meantime you have a wedding to plan, right? ;)

  2. YAAAAYY!!! Congrats on being DONE! We should do coffee and catch up!