Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Hours of Law

One day down! I apologize to anyone who is annoyed with my personal posts regarding the bar, but it's such a big hurdle to wedding planning that I feel the need to post about it!

So day one was a mixed bag. The first three hours consisted of the usual 3 essays. There are 14 possible subjects (give or take depending on how you break them down). Today we got: Professional Responsibility (legal ethics basically), Con Law (super hard question about terrorism and the 4th amendment) and Contracts (not my favorite subject--and a super long 3rd question). I managed to stay calm and even though the second question was tough, I made it through and was typing up until time was called.
The "venue" is the Sacramento Convention Center. It is a huge, dungeon-like hall. There are probably just over a thousand of us in there. It's actually not as bad as I was anticipating. My seat is pretty decent, and they actually provide water in the back ( I was really nervous about not being able to bring water)


After a lunch break we came back for the performance test. It consisted of writing a memo to a supervising attorney with 4 cases and a client file. I felt so tired once we actually started the last three hours, but as soon as I started reading I found my zone. It's recommended that you get up and stretch your legs after 90min of reading the hefty client file and cases, but for some reason I just kept typing. I was so focused I literally couldn't stop. I've never had that experience in my life. I hope it means good things.

I came back to the hotel and heard about the earthquake that hit LA today. I cannot imagine experiencing a huge quake while trying to take the bar exam. Talk about distractions! While I've been through quite a few since I grew up in socal, I know how unnerving that feeling can be. Apparently, several centers were effected. Of course, people kept typing.
While I am SO glad I chose to stay in the hotel, I am less than impressed with the "Grand" Sheraton Sacramento. For the price I paid I was really expecting it to be nice. Nope. Let's just say that calling it a rip off would be an understatement. But it is right across the street from the test, and I got to come "home" during the lunch break, and at this point that is invaluable.
Ok, I just realized that I should probably not type anymore. Give myself a break. Tomorrow is multiple choice...
Thank you for the kind comments! I cannot wait to unleash full-blown wedding planning. I already have several posts lined up once this is all over. Get ready!


  1. As a rising 2L who stumbled across your blog, it is interesting and terrifying to read about your bar experience!! Good Luck!

  2. glad the first day went well! keep it up, lots of good thoughts going your way...

  3. Amy, thank you sooo much for your comment even during your busy bar week. Wow!

    I am going to say a prayer for you right now. I admire your perseverance in this! Just think, you're almost done!!! Kelly

  4. almost done!! Go get 'em girl!!! AD

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