Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the table

I think I have a good idea of what I want my tables to look like. Photo: Leigh Miller
I want simple florals in multiple vases/containers and candles+candles+candles
Table from my sorority sister's wedding. By Amanda Bevington modern photography

The following photos all depict the no-fuss florals I envision for our tables. While I'm less clear on the colors or the types of flowers, the volume and visual affect are clear in my head.
I definitely plan on rocking the mason jars! Photo: Leigh Miller

Love the wild flower feel. Photo via snippet & ink
I've been thinking of using a burlap on the table. I love the color and the texture it gives. Photo via The Bride's Cafe. Photo by BB Photography
Love the use of single flowers. Photo: Ritzy Bee
Gorgeous simplicity making a more modern statement. Photo via: The Bride's Cafe. Photographer: Mary Basnight
Beautiful blend of candles and single step florals. Photo By Anna Kuperberg


  1. All of these are beautiful ideas! I love simple, sweet flowers and the mason jars are so perfect. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you decide on!

  2. I just LOVE candles!!! I like the mix of flowers and candles. Very romantic