Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Out with the old Navy?

Up until about two weeks ago I had it in my head that the BMs would wear tea length navy dresses. The problem with this decision was that it just wasn't working with my other ideas. I have seen quite a few navy bm's in recent real wedding photos and couldn't help but notice that they consistently looked either formal or nautical/preppy. That is not the look I'm going for. I really want my BMs to look great in their dresses and feel like they look great in their dresses. Part of the reason I liked navy was because it was dark and flattering.
Navy Maggy London from Nordstrom

Then, I saw photos of full length gowns in a beautiful shade of purple. I'm not sure what we are calling it. It has some gray to it, kind of a dusty lilac? Whatever it's called I love it. This Jenny Yoo was the closest I could find, although it's still a little too light and a little too lavender. Jenny Yoo Evelyn in Charmed Violet

While approximately zero out of five of my bms would look good in the DvF below, the color is gorgeous.

Diane von Furstenberg puff sleeve from Nordstrom

Then I saw this gorgeous bridal party. The dresses are much more of a plum, with a pink undertone but I absolutely love the way they look against the all black tuxes. I can completely picture our entire bridal party in this photo. Every single one of them would look great in these dresses/tuxes---and (wait for it) DF agreed!! I love the idea of all the gms in all black with black tie and DF with a white tie. I never thought I would like this but I definitely do.

Bridal Party from Perez Photoblog

So I browsed around to see what purples I could find in the mainstream bm market. Lo and behold good ol' David's Bridal just introduced their newest color: Lapis, aka purple. It is more of a jewel tone, but still very pretty and affordable. I feel like the purple idea has opened up so many possibilities.
Photo from: David's Bridal
I kind of had to chuckle, if DB was already up on the purple, it must really be popular right now. While I hate to follow trends, I can't help but love this new idea.

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  1. LOVE this idea! Okay now you're making my head spin with ideas for the Idea Boards I whipped up.

    How do you feel about the color marigold yellow? Because I think that the purple shown above would look phenom with it!