Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Garter!

I saw this picture recently:
photo: Amy Carroll

And it inspired me to order these:

B is a huge SF sports fan and these happen to be his favorite teams. I found the garters at Etsy shop, Garters by Kristi . I didn't want four garters, so I convo'd Kristi and she refered me to her website, where I could order any garter separately. I ordered the "keepsake" (top) SF Giants without he pouf and the "toss" 49ers all for around $30 with shipping. No too bad. I started to think about having someone make them for me, but I think the $30 is worth not having to hassle with buying fabric, elasitc, ribbon and those cute little gold footballs and baseballs. I know B will love it!