Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plan on It

I knew that if we did Save the Dates, I wanted them to incorporate a photo of us, and some sort of sticker. I love the idea of literally marking your calendar with a personalized label. I know most people use their phones as calendars these days, but I still use a paper calendar for work and at home. These are just too fun!

From Martha

Here's the blurb from Martha: Guests are sure to remember your wedding day if all they have to do is peel and stick a reminder to their calendars. You can personalize adhesive labels at home. Buy 1-inch round labels from an office-supply store, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to download and customize the template. Print labels with your date using a laser printer. Cut each sheet into rows of labels. Laser print note cards with a message to "save the date." Affix a row of labels to each note card with a glue stick.

A little DIY actioon from An Excited Bride

I need to get on these! I need to get on our engagement pics too!

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